Accelerite introduces no-code, serverless platform for end-to-end AWS analytics in ShareInsights 3.0 software

ShareInsights 3.0 is the first cloud-native version of the platform, which opens up AWS analytics to more users by abstracting the entire AWS analytics stack.

Nara Rajagopalan, Accelerite’s Chief Executive Officer

Today, enterprise infrastructure provider Accelerite is announcing its ShareInsights 3.0 platform for AWS analytics, which extends its availability to non-developers with a no-code, serverless and native AWS browser-based, drag-and-drop toolset that unifies the functionality of the Athena, EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, Elasticsearch and SageMaker processing frameworks. The company says the new automated service selection, cost forecasting and cost management eases data ingest, data wrangling, processing, visualization and collaboration, to significantly reduce cloud utilization costs, by as much as 20X.

“ShareInsights 3.0 is a first of its kind,” said Nara Rajagopalan, Accelerite’s Chief Executive Officer. “It is a no-code platform for creating and end-to-end data analytics pipeline, in which people can use AWS without having to write any code. It also supports AWS serverless technology, which brings down the cost of workloads.”

Last year’s ShareInsights 2.0 also emphasized the democratization of data, opening up the platform to analysts who are not coders in combining data preparation, data visualization and OLAP in an end-to-end, self-service analytics platform with a single interface. ShareInsights 3.0 makes a major leap forward.

“ShareInsights 3.0 is unique compared to version 2.0 and other ETL tools because it uses AWS native technologies,” Rajagopalan said. “It has been impossible to do anything natively on AWS unless you are a developer. While ShareInsights 1.0 was a developer-oriented tool, 2.0 was a product for analysts, and was mainly used in Data Lakes and Hadoop, and mainly on-prem. ShareInsights 3.0 is the first cloud-native version of the platform.”

The new version of the platform gives users a no-code, browser-based, drag-and-drop toolset that enables rapid data analysis, visualization and collaboration, and provides automated service selection, cost forecasting and cost management.

Rajagopalan said these new types of tools are a necessary response to the evolution of data warehouses, and analytics use cases.

“It all used to be pretty straightforward,” he said. “Data warehouses were largely structured data, so you had to transform the data before you dropped it in. Analytics has changed drastically with the advent of Big Data, and now cloud, and people don’t need to structure the data before they bring it into a Data Lake, where they can transform it into whatever form they want on demand. The uses have also exploded, because while the complexity has increased, the costs are going down. And clouds make it even more powerful and less expensive.”

Rajagopalan also said that the capabilities of their new software version are also designed to specifically respond to demand created by AWS.

“AWS has 50 plus technologies as services available for what they call ‘builders,’ which are technical people who can create new products, but who don’t write code. There are lots of these people. AWS products tend to be hard for non-builders to use.”

ShareInsights 3.0 is designed to greatly simplify the whole process.

“It unlocks the power of AWS analytics, with a single no-code platform which abstracts the entire AWS analytics stack,” Rajagopalan said. “You just have to drop your code into one of three buckets and we help you through the process, end-to-end. It’s a very complete platform. Once the data shows up in the data lake, we completely take hold of it and allow you to work with it, and we generate the code including for the serverless technologies. The challenge in serverless technologies is that it is often hard to know price until you run something. We use machine learning, and shadow what AWS does, in order to predict the price before you run a workload., It will tell what it will cost and how long it will take. We have seen tons of interest just in that capability itself.”

Rajagopalan said that at the recent AWS Re:Invent event, Accelerite saw very strong interest from partners, especially integrators.

“Traditional resellers took multiple products and integrated and deployed them,” he said. “That’s a broken model for AWS. The channel work was deploying and managing, and AWS makes that easy to do. So the channel is trying is trying to move from deploy-manage-configure, and what the find exciting here is that it gives them an opportunity to solve problems for companies who see their need as more developers. What was once accessible only to developers is more accessible to people with conventional skillsets like SQL.

“We had three conversations today that came as a lead from AWS,” Rajagopalan noted. “We have 30 or so more happening over the next week or so.”