Digital Defense continues to build out strategic partnerships with ForeScout Technologies integration

The partnership, which will deeply integrate the Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager platform with the ForeScout device visibility platform, has a go-to-market component, and the joint solution will be able to be sold by both vendors’ channels.

Rosanna Pellegrino, Digital Defense’s Senior VP of Sales and Business Development

San Antonio-based vulnerability assessment platform provider Digital Defense has announced that their proprietary Frontline Vulnerability Manager has been integrated with the ForeScout Technologies CounterACT platform for device visibility. Digital Defense has also joined the ForeScout Technology Partner Program.

Digital Defense was formed in 1999 as a services firm that did vulnerability assessments, and developed their platform for their internal work. They made it a commercial product in 2002, and it changed the direction of the business. This year, the platform was moved entirely to Amazon.

“The Frontline platform does vulnerability scanning – managed or unmanaged – with enhanced GPA scoring which can be measured against other elements of the internal organization of a multi-site company, as well as against industries,” said Rosanna Pellegrino, Digital Defense’s Senior VP of Sales and Business Development. “We also do penetration testing and Web application scanning and hold patents on both the scanner, and the scan-host correlation. Our sweet spot runs the whole gamut and our customers include everything from small organizations to the enterprise, because the platform is very scalable.”

Digital Defense has a hybrid go-to-market model, which has been moving more to the channel side.

“We are evolving to be more channel-centric,” Pellegrino said. “We have both MSSPs and VARs that use us and wrap services around us, and we have some legacy accounts that we support direct. Everything is moving more to the indirect model, however, and we do a lot of our opportunities through partners. Our focus has been on the security specialists. Rather than the big VARs, we have ones that are very security focused. Our large MSSPs can sell us as a SKU on their paper, so basically act as a VAR as well.” ForeScout is channel-centric now, doing virtually all of their business through partners.

Digital Defense has a broad vendor strategic partnership approach.

“We have a lot of them, and that’s only growing,” Pellegrino said. “Others have approached us and asked to integrate more tightly with us. By Black Hat [August 8-9] we will have more announced. We intended to grow that base more. Our focus is providing the best vulnerability scanning, but also with integrating with best of breed partners like ForeScout, and we will engage in more of this type of partnership as we move along.

“The integration with ForeScout brings together ForeScout’s very well respected real-time visibility with our vulnerability assessment, to streamline and automate the process of identifying hosts and scanning for vulnerabilities,” Pellegrino indicated. “The way in which we did the integration and integrated it into the ForeScout control architecture was very well thought out and planned by both teams, to make sure it was a relevant integration for both customer sets to solve their issues and problems.”

It’s also not just a technology integration, but has a go-to-market aspect as well.

“The joint solution will be available both to their channel partners and to ours,” Pellegrino said. “We already have customers using the joint solution because of the value that it brings.”