Kaseya focuses on easier MSP management with Traverse networking monitoring update

New automation profiles, enhancements to the Panorama network visualization environment, and a new integration with Kaseya Live Connect are the big changes here.

Mike Puglia, Kaseya’s CPO

Today, Kaseya is announcing the new 9.5 version of their Traverse network monitoring and management platform. The new release boasts several significant upgrades, all of which are focused more on the MSPs than their customers. They are designed to improve their management capabilities, and thus save them time and money.

“MSPs’ main goal with Traverse is being able to deliver a high-end network monitoring service profitably,” said Mike Puglia, Kaseya’s Chief Products Officer. “They want to be able to capture that market without having to hire expensive new high-level engineers. To assist with this, we are introducing three really big things in 9.5 to make the lives of MSPs and VARs who are using Traverse easier.”

The first is new automation profiles to significantly reduce the time spent onboarding new customers on Traverse.

“While different kinds of partners face different dynamics, the big cost for all of them is onboarding new customers, which is a huge time suck,” Puglia said. “We’ve added automation profiles that allow MSPs to reduce or eliminate a lot of the manual configuration of onboarding.”

A discovery process automatically applies custom and pre-defined sets of tests to devices based on device properties, to significantly reduce manual test configurations.

“You can set up a policy with point-click-save simplicity,” Puglia said. “You then run a discovery and anything that matches it will have the policy apply to it. This can be easily customized as well. Let’s say that I as an MSP might have my own secret sauce that I alert for. As things evolve, I can change the threshold and apply that to say, all Gold level customers. So MSPs can rapidly proliferate changes without any manual interaction.”

The second set of enhancements are improvements to Panorama 2.0, Traverse’s network typology view, which provides a visualization of the network.

“The important change here is that now you can now not only see the typology but can interact with it directly in the graphical view,” Puglia said. “That’s important for MSPs with multiple customer networks, Using visualization rather than a list of alarms is much more helpful for less experienced techs. It can guide them to the root cause of the problem vey quickly. For the MSP, that means they will have more tickets closed faster by their Tier One desk, instead of taking up the time of more experienced techs if the ticket escalates. That makes a big difference on the bottom line for the MSP’s business.”

The enhanced capacity of Panorama also helps MSPs who sell it as a service to customers.

“Many customers like seeing the visualization in the Panorama view, so some MSPs sell it to them as a service,” Puglia said. “This makes it more attractive for them to do that.”

Mobile support for Panorama has also been enhanced.

“It’s now on the HTML5 interface, so can go anywhere,” Puglia said. “That’s new.”

The third enhancement is a new integration with Kaseya Live Connect. This lets admins remotely view and manage servers and workstations with the Kaseya agent installed on them, and view a remote desktop without ever leaving the Traverse interface.

“Having this integrated inside the monitoring product means that you can now go to the server without having to use another tool,” Puglia said. “It’s more time saved, and translates into more functionality and the ability to provide better service.”

Kaseya Traverse 9.5 will be available in Q3.