Kaseya launches Go-to-Market-in-a-Box services for security, network management

The new bundles are part of new As-a-Service offerings for their AuthAnvil and Traverse products, and are designed to help MSPs get more proactive and aggressive about selling these.

Kaseya has formally unveiled the first two of its new Kaseya Powered Services, bundles of sales and marketing tools designed to help their MSPs sell new service offerings, of which they are a part. The first two such offerings, AuthAnvil Security-as-a-Service, and Traverse Network Monitoring-as-a-Service, were also unveiled.

“It’s one thing to sell software to MSPs and another to empower them with the knowledge and skills to run their businesses, said Jim Lippie, general manager, cloud computing at Kaseya. “Kaseya Powered Services are designed to make them more successful.”

The new bundles are designed to overcome issues MSPs have when bringing a new product to market.

Jim Lippie, general manager, cloud computing at Kaseya

“There’s a lot of risk for them when they do this,” Lippie said. “Understanding the landscape, who the competitors are, how to price it – we have done all that for them with the Powered Services package. It goes over positioning, pricing, an action plan, sales, and overcoming customer objections.” It’s a step-by-step guide to be successful with the new offerings.”

For example, Lippie said that in AuthAnvil’s identity and access management space, there are a lot of different providers.

“MSPs need to understand who the other players are,” he said. “They aren’t just competing against other MSPs but against direct players. This helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome customer obstacles if they indicate they prefer one.”

The packages are highly customizable.

“They can brand it any way they like,” Lippie said. “They also have choices, for example between pre-recorded webinars, and decks with speaker notes so they can deliver them themselves.”

Kaseya has offered such services before, but only on an ad hoc basis, when the customers came to them.

“Kaseya has always been a believer that for us to be successful, our MSPs have to be successful, so we have made a concerted effort in the past to provide this kind of information,” Lippie said. “We do an annual pricing survey to give MSPs important pricing information. We have also provided ad hoc help when asked for. This is, however, our first proactive venture, putting something into their hands that gives them everything they need to be successful with the new offerings.”

The two new As-a-Service offerings for AuthAnvil and Traverse include the Powered Services.

“We have sold both of these products for years, but always with software licenses,” Lippie said. “These are designed as part of a true Go-To-Market strategy. MSPs have typically sold these additional services when a client raises their hand and asks for them. We show them how to identify all the customers in their portfolio they could take these to, so they can go to market much more broadly.”

The AuthAnvil Security-as-a-Service costs the MSP $3200 for the year. That includes their first eight clients, with up to 250 seats, Additional customer packs are $400 each. The Traverse Network Monitoring-as-a-Service, a more expensive software package, costs $5000.

Lippie indicated that Kaseya first made these public to their partners at their annual user conference in May, and started selling them, although they are only making that public now.

“We have had a tremendous response to this since it was introduced in May,” he indicated.

Another offering is in the works, for Unigma cloud management.

“Unigma cloud management allows MSPs to manage customers’ public cloud infrastructure and Office 365 billing,” Lippie said. “We are putting together a package for this now, and it will be coming out later in the fall.”