Making sense of projector color performance [white paper]

clo-hero-bg-nonsliderWhen it comes to projectors, is color always the same from solution to solution?

If you’re selling boardroom, classroom, digital signage or other solutions that include projectors to your clients, understanding the technology that drives those projectors can be crucial to the performance and appearance your customers enjoy for the life of the solution.

In particular, brightness and other key performance measurements can vary greatly depending on whether the projectors you choose for the solution are based on a 3-Chip LCD system or a 1-Chip DLP system.

Want to know more?

In this white paper, colour expert Dr. Abhay Sharma presents the benefits of the three-chip LCD system and why manufacturers using that system will provide the best performance for your customers’ projector needs.

Dr. Sharma explains the ins and outs of the two color systems, why you (and your customers) should be interested in a measurement called color brightness, as well as the pure white brightness level measured in lumens, and some of the pitfalls and challenges one-chip DLP projectors suffer when it comes to color performance.

Download the white paper to learn more.

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