Video: Inside Epson’s EcoTank printers

Epson Canada recently introduced a new family to its printer lineup, the EcoTank series of printers.

For the channel, the mantra from printer vendors has long been that selling the hardware is secondary to consumables, which is where partners are to find their profitability. This technology flips that equation for partners.

The EcoTank boasts high-capacity, long-lasting ink tanks which are easily user-refillable. So there are fewer consumables to be sold over the life of the printer.

But the printers also come in a with a higher price tag than competitive hardware, meaning higher hardware margins to help offset the reduced opportunity for consumables. caught up with Hershey Sy, marcomm manager at Epson Canada, to get a closer look at EcoTank and get some thoughts on what the new printing technology means for Epson Canada’s partners.

Sy will also be joining on an upcoming edition of the Podcast to discuss in greater depth EcoTank and what it means for solution providers.

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