Kaseya ends ‘Alt-Shift-Tab’ motion in VSA 7.0

Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta

Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta

From Kaseya International Ltd’s perspective, technicians working for MSPs are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome from the constant toggling between administrative tools and management dashboards. With the release of Virtual System Administrator 7.0, Kaseya is putting an end to the “Alt-Shift-Tab” repetitive motion by placing its reporting and administrative tools, including Remote Control, under one dashboard.

“It’s a single pane of glass to get all the work done,” Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta tells Channelnomics.

For much of the last year, Kaseya has been on a mission to reform problems and deficiencies in its managed services platform. It’s addressed the common complaints, performance issues and feature requests of its users. The release of VSA 7.0 is a major milestone in that it marks a turning point from corrections to improvements.

Unlike other managed services platforms, Kaseya has its own remote desktop connection application: Remote Control, which, until now, had been a separate application, causing MSP technicians to toggle between the management dashboard and the remote connection screen. With VSA 7.0, Remote Control and the management dashboard are fully integrated, eliminating the toggling and speeding up management functions.

The integration isn’t the only improvement:  Kaseya says VSA 7.0 connection times are two to three times faster than previous versions, making it the fastest remote desktop application on the market. More important, Kaseya says, faster connections make for expedited ticket resolutions and better customer satisfaction.

Other improvements include the integration of 365 Command, an application suite for migrating and managing Microsoft Office 365 accounts; improved support and management capabilities of Apple iOS and Google Android devices; integrated monitoring of network performance for quality of service diagnostics and reporting; and simplified management of Microsoft SharePoint services.

“IT environments are becoming increasingly complex and the rapid adoption of mobile and cloud technologies is making the task of managing IT even more challenging,” Gupta said in a statement. “With its new capabilities, version 7.0 of the Kaseya portfolio of products is redefining the IT Management industry for MSPs and mid-market enterprises.  Further, customers can obtain immediate value, high reliability, and a lower TCO using Kaseya’s leading cloud-based IT management offering.”

Kaseya is also releasing improved version of Traverse, its cloud application monitoring and management platform, which provides insights on service-level agreement performance and quality of service. Traverse enables MSPs to act as a compliance checkpoint on third-party cloud service providers.

This article originally appeared on Channelnomics.