Managed services pricing needs reality check

Asking questions about managed services pricingSince the early days of managed services, good pricing practices have proven elusive. MSPs are challenged in identifying the right price for various products and packages, mostly because of the lack of good information on what the market will bear.

The lack of managed services pricing data is causing MSPs to make irrational decisions. Channelnomics has seen numerous instances of MSPs lowering prices to match those of peers against which they don’t compete; others are bypassing good tools and technology because they don’t believe they can afford to take them to market.

The result of this messy landscape of inconsistent pricing is a marked decline in managed services profitability. The 2112 Group, publisher of Channelnomics, reported last week that managed services profitability fell by as much as 50 percent in 2013.

The antidote is information, and The 2112 Group needs your help. We’re conducting a survey to benchmark the pricing of many common managed services. We ask that you take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire about your pricing practices.


With your help, we’ll create a baseline of pricing data to help MSPs make better decisions about the prices they set and create policies to maintain price integrity.

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