Kaseya Buys into Cloud Management

New Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta

New Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta

The new Kaseya is wasting no time in expanding its capabilities. Just two weeks after being acquired by investment firm Insight Venture Partners, the IT automation and managed services company bought Zryion, a specialist in cloud and IT services monitoring software solutions.

With the technology acquired through Zryion, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Kaseya will have greater capability in monitoring and managing the IT assets and applications of businesses regardless of where they’re located.

“We see significant demand from the industry for the ability to proactively and easily monitor new IT environments, including cloud and virtualization. Moreover, monitoring and managing the entire IT infrastructure from a business service view is extremely powerful in these hybrid environments,” said Kaseya CEO Yogesh Gupta.

“We believe Zyrion has built a market-leading product to meet this demand. The combination of these best of breed technologies will dramatically increase the value proposition for customers and will further drive Kaseya’s growth and success,” Gupta added.

The acquisition is the first for Kaseya after Insight Venture Partners bought a majority stake in the company, co-founder Gerald Blackie stepped down and Gupta, a former CA Technologies executive took over management. When Insight essentially bought Kaseya, it installed Gupta to expand the company’s capabilities beyond its current IT automation and remote monitoring and management solutions.

Given Gupta’s background in enterprise software and considering Kaseya’s strong presence in delivering on-premises enterprise automation systems, Zyrion is a perfect fit for extending capabilities that will make the company’s portfolio more attractive to larger accounts.

Likewise, Zyrion’s capabilities will likely prove exceedingly attractive to Kaseya’s managed service providers, as it will extend their existing capabilities in remote monitoring of infrastructure and endpoints to virtualized systems and applications. Increasingly, solution and managed service providers are being called upon by their customers to help bring order and management to their cloud-based systems.

“We leverage both Kaseya and Zyrion to offer MSP services to our customers. We recently added Zyrion Traverse to our solutions portfolio due to its strong enterprise-level cloud and network monitoring features,” said Brian Miller, president of United Technology Group (UTG), said in a statement. Now with the combination of Zyion and the Kaseya platform, we have a great opportunity to capture the mid-market.”

Cloud management and automation capabilities are coming to fore given the accelerated adoption of software and infrastructure services. Several independent companies are pushing such products and services. While most are add-ons, the integration of comprehensive management systems such as will become of the Kaseya-Zyrion deal will likely become the norm over the next two years.