Eugene Kaspersky on cyber-war and the mobile front

Eugene KasperskyA year ago at Kaspersky Lab’s Americas Partner Conference in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, company founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky discussed the need for some sort of international body of governments to tackle the challenges of IT security.

That was months before security as an international issue got thrust into the spotlight by the Stuxnet attack, clearly designed to target key infrastructure – and particularly nuclear power – in Iran.

So has the issue become more important in the post-Stuxnet world? caught up with Kaspersky at this year’s Americas Partner Conference in Riviera Maya, Mexico, to get his thoughts.


Here’s what we discuss:

  • The rise of malware as a weapon in attacks like Stuxnet
  • Why the PC front will be less important than the mobile front in the years to come, and Kaspersky’s thoughts on why Android will be the key battlefield.
  • The need for international bodies to deal with IT security, and how optimistic Kaspersky is that such a body will come to be.

(Editor’s note: Apologies for the sound quality – finding a quiet corner at the conference was all but impossible!)