Asigra announces general availability of SaaSAssure to address broad SaaS application market

Asigra has been a backup provider for decades, and is now expanding their portfolio with SaaSAssure, which provides comprehensive recovery for SaaS applications, with ten apps available at launch today, and 14 more set to become available in the near future.

Eric Simmons, CEO of Asigra

Today, backup and recovery provider Asigra is announcing the general availability of SaaSAssure, their new SaaS-based data protection platform designed to provide comprehensive data recovery for SaaS applications.

SaaSAssure has been in development for a considerable time. It was originally branded SaaSBackup Protection and was scheduled for launch a year ago, but that launch was delayed.

“We decided to make a couple changes in strategy, to get some different capabilities into the product,” said Eric Simmons, CEO of Asigra. “We also changed the name because the product is now more than just backup. We now have over 300 partners using our existing backup product, and we will continue to improve it – but we launched this with its own website and its own name because the architecture is fundamentally different. There are tons of competitors in that market. We see SaaSAssure powered by Asigra as a really nice add on. Many MSPs struggle at bringing on new customers, and this is a natural fit for them.”

Simmons said that as the marketspace continued to transition, more companies take on more workloads, with the average company now having 137 applications and the average employee having nine.

“The main two segments are collaboration and sales,” he stated. “We really only touch a small portion of the market.”

BetterCloud’s State of SaaSOps survey reported that SaaS solutions will make up 85% of all business software in 2025, with the majority of business apps being cloud-based by 2025. With the annual revenue growth rate of SaaS applications projected to reach a market volume of US $374 billion by 2028, the demand for business-class protection of SaaS data is surging and shows no signs of slowing down.

The challenge has been that most SaaS applications only offer very limited data recovery capabilities, if any. With 67% of companies utilizing SaaS apps experiencing data loss due to accidental or malicious deletions, it is imperative that users protect their own information. This aligns with the shared responsibility model where the cloud service provider (CSP) manages infrastructure security and the business user is responsible for data recovery.

“There is more awareness in the market about shared responsibility but it is still a challenge,” Simmons said. “Very few SaaS providers have changed their practices. The threats today are also not ransomware.  A lot of these are accidental or deliberate deletion of data. APIs of all vendors also don’t let all data be extracted and sent back, which is  why  not that many people cover secondary applications beyond the Big Three. For example, Hubspot is the second most popular CRM but it has very little protection.”

“With SaaSAssure, we address the lack of awareness that smaller companies have, said Steven Thomas, Asigra’s CRO.

“SaaSAssured is a platform to back up a multitude of SaaS applications, with a more repeatable process for new applications,” Simmons said. “It is very simple to use and self explanatory, and there is little burden for MSPs because predictive analytics have been built in to reduce or eliminate errors. With the ability to back up SaaS applications, this can be brought into the AI pool of knowledge.”

Previously Asigra had their MSPs manage their own storage.

“Now we provide both our own storage as well as option for MSPs to BYOS,” Simmons stated. “It was managed by them before and now they can choose.”

Simmons noted that getting data out of these systems is now as hard as putting it back, so to address their kind of issue, other  things like a bidirectional malware scale will be moved in later.

At launch today, the SaaSAssure platform brings pre-configured integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft 365, MS Exchange, SharePoint, JIRA and Confluence (both by Atlassian), Quickbooks Online, Box, OneDrive, and HubSpot. Simmons said that they are working on a further 14, which will be announced as the platform expands.

“We’re excited about an Auvik and SaaSAssure partnership,” said John Harden, Director of Product – SaaS Management, Auvik.  “MSPs currently

leverage Auvik SaaS Management to gain a clear understanding of shadow IT and sanctioned SaaS app utilization enterprise-wide.

We’re extremely excited to collaborate because it’s that sensitive and often business-critical data that SaaSAssure can help protect after being discovered.”

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