ViewSonic, TD SYNNEX roll out unique Zero Cost financing program for high-end foldable direct view LED Display, which is only available in Canada.

The ViewSonic ‘Pays Your Way’ financing program was designed specifically to finance the large format foldable DVLED model, where the price point was high and a barrier to some customers.

Visual solutions monitor ViewSonic and distributor TD SYNNEX Capital have announced a zero cost financial program for ViewSonic’s high end foldable 135” direct view LED Display. Its objective is to take price off the table for an expensive, top-of-the-line product. It’s also a first of its kind in several ways. It brings financing to a video display market where it had not been common at all. It also is exclusively available in Canada.

“Distributors typically do not do financial programs in our market,” said Deidre Deacon, General Manager and Channel Chief, ViewSonic Canada. “This is brand new for us. That is why TD SYNNEX was so excited to be first to market with this, through their TD SYNNEX Capital financing arm.”

What changed things around the large format foldable DVLED (model LDS135-151) was its price.

“Before, a distributor might finance on behalf of a customer, but the price barrier was not an issue for most products that we sell,” Deacon said “The price barrier might be an issue, however, for a $70,000 to $80,000 product like this one. Selling in the price range was a complete departure for us. That’s why it was the price point that made this an issue.”

The ViewSonic ‘Pays Your Way’ financing program provides zero-cost financing for 12 months through TD SYNNEX Capital on the 135″ foldable and moveable Direct View LED display. This helps resellers close deals quickly, provides flexibility and improves cash flow and budgeting.

“The great thing about this for resellers is that this doesn’t tie up their capital with TD SYNNEX,” Deacon stated.

The foldable 135” Direct View LED is a new offering that was first launched in Q4 of last year.

Deidre Deacon, General Manager and Channel Chief, ViewSonic Canada

“It is first to market because it is foldable, so it’s not just wall mounted,” Deacon said. “The foldable 135” display has a pre-assembled foldable screen on a movable stand, so you can move it around easily. We had customers who wanted to able to move it around easily in a building, including floor to floor, and that’s easy with the motorized stand. The fact that it can fit in an elevator is also very special.”

One of customers for the ViewSonic 135” Direct View LED is Toronto’s Seneca Polytechnic.

“The ViewSonic 135” Direct View LED addresses challenges we had with viewing angles from the existing 86-inch TV display we previously had set up in our employee lounge/meeting room,” said Alvin Shum, Head Enterprise IT Client Services, Seneca Polytechnic. “It was also not the right size for the room, glare due to the sunlight. The ViewSonic Direct View LED display has improved the viewing angles, cut down on glare, and provided the ability to easily move the display to support other events when not in use.”

Other customers include ones from the finance and education sectors, as well as AV rental and rental agencies for trade shows.

“These are expensive even in these markets because of the built-in stand and being foldable – so that’s why we added the program,” Deacon said.

For now at least, this financing plan is only in Canada

“It was a reaction to a specific pain point that we had heard here,” Deacon said. “So the financing now is strictly through TD SYNNEX Canada. We don’t know if the U.S. will follow.”

Deacon said that the number of models covered is likely to expand, as ViewSonic is looking to expand the program to include other large format display solutions in coming months. Expanding the program to other distributors has been discussed as well, but nothing is definitive there.