GoTo improves use of AI in portfolio and adds over 60 product enhancements

GoTo has used AI for years, but added Generative AI capabilities this year, and is making some further enhancements in this area now.

Today, Boston-based GoTo, which has two significant two portfolios around both business communication [GoTo Connect] and around IT support and management [Go to Resolve], is upgrading both with new AI assistants, real-time translation tools, enterprise application integrations and other enhancements.

GoTo has a fairly complex portfolio because the earlier branding of the company, LogMeIn, had been aggressive in acquiring and expanding assets. The rebranding to GoTo took place two years ago.

“LogMeIn had about 20 plus brands, and we decided that we needed to solve that problem,” said Joseph Walsh, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at GoTo, who has been with the company around five years. The objective was to make customer and IT experiences easy. GoTo Connect is UCaaS, and we tried to make it easier for business. ITSG [IT Support and Management] is more on the customer side but there are still some business applications. So we have two portfolios, one for business communication and the other for IT support and management.”

GoTo has been using AI before, but its use, particularly around Generative AI, has expanded significantly for years.

“We have used it for a long time,” Walsh said. “The platform that I’m on alerts me when I’m on mute. We’ve always had that. When ChatGPT came out, we introduced integrations with it last year, and began advertising it more. Now, we are taking it further, to rescue, support and management tools.”

One of the AI innovations is AI Screen Translation, a tool within LogMeIn Rescue, that instantly detects and translates text on the user’s screen into the agent’s preferred language. This allows agents to support users worldwide and lowers support costs while improving the support experience.

“Transcript uses AI to automatically translate into whatever language you want,” Walsh stated. “It also does the same thing on the Connect side, where it assesses in real time. It is built directly into the GoTo Connect interface, can assess in real time, and can use sentiment to create insights as customer conversations are coming. It is also capable of trigger mood assessment which can use sentiment to create insights as customer conversations are coming.”

Admin GoPilot has been significantly enhanced. Built directly into the GoTo Connect interface, to find  answers to set up queries, support resources, and demo videos, making IT teams’ decision-making more informed and streamlining operations.

In addition, Contact Center’s AI optimization add-on improves agent productivity with AI-generated interaction summaries, empowers supervisors to take action on calls in real-time, and informs contact center leaders with actionable insights into customer sentiment and trending topics.

“We are not launching a new AI product, but deploying AI better within product,” Walsh said.

In addition to its new AI innovations, GoTo released over 60 new features that enhance both the customer and IT experience by equipping teams with smarter tools to increase productivity and deliver more value.

“The pace of innovation is fast, and it can be hard to keep up for internal and customer sales teams,” Walsh indicated. “We are improving the experience for customers and employees with GoTo Contact Center Pro, which is now available to larger customers. It makes us a viable alternative for the 500 agent contact centre.”

A new Attendant Console for GoTo Connect now provides a centralized interface that displays caller ID, call status, call queues and offers features like call hold, forwarding, parking, and directory services to route customers to the right individuals and departments.

“The Attendant Console gives receptionists more insight into calls so that they can see who is busy or not busy,” Walsh said.

New CRM integration bundles have also been added. These integrate call information, SMS, voicemail data, and contacts from GoTo Connect directly with CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. Additionally, integrations with Microsoft Teams have been enhanced for GoTo Connect.

“There have also been a lot of cleanup with checkbox things,” Walsh noted. This includes native support of Intel vPro-based devices within Rescue, the ability to spot and fix problems with self-healing alerts for GoTo Resolve, custom script aerts in GoTo Resolve ad new reporting and analytics options for GoTo Connect to put all interactions in one dashboard.