Trend Micro looks to strengthen MSP business with new Pax8 distribution deal

Trend Micro already has a strong distribution network, but they think the MSP part of it could use some beefing up, and think that Pax8 is the ideal partner to do that for them.


Tammy Allen, Sales Manager SMB/MSP at Trend Micro Canada

Cybersecurity vendor Trend Micro has announced the expansion of their distribution network through a new relationship with specialized distributor Pax8. Trend Micro will now be available on the Pax8 Marketplace in the U.S., Canada,  and Europe.

In terms of their overall distribution in North America, Trend Micro was pretty well set before bringing Pax8 onboard. In Canada, they were working with broadliner TDSYNNEX, and with specialized distributor SherWeb. However, when the MSP business is considered as an entity in itself, Trend Micro did not see their situation to be as strong.

“On the MSP side, we are not that well distributed,” said Tammy Allen, Sales Manager SMB/MSP at Trend Micro Canada. “The way that Pax8 goes to market is innovative. They may be the biggest MSP distributor in the world right now. In situations where large MSPs may have to use multiple distributors internationally, Pax8 is able to handle that. They are also further growing their presence internationally. Last year, they did their Beyond event in Denver, but this year they will be doing a Beyond event in Germany as well.”

Trend Micro’s platform includes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and Managed Detection and Response (MDR), to provide multi-layered protection and heightened visibility across endpoints, mobile devices, emails, cloud applications, and browsers. With AI-powered machine learning and automatic data correlation, the co-managed offering ensures 24/7 monitoring, detection, incident investigation, and response services.

“Our MSP program is different in how we go to market,” Allen said. “Our MSP offering is our Worry Free group of services. It is a monthy usage-based procurement, so you aren’t locked in, and you are billed on what you have deployed.”

Allen stated that the new relationship will work to the advantage of both Trend Micro and Pax8.

“It makes sense for both sides,” she said. “They are a big player in the MSP space, and it makes sense for us to be on anyone’s line card.”