Guardz targets MSPs working smaller SMB market with joint cybersecurity and insurance solution

Guardz has also just added a new Growth Hub for MSPs, which gives them  multiple new cybersecurity tools aimed at small business customers.

Dor Eisner, CEO and Co-Founder of Israeli-based Guardz.

SMB-focused cybersecurity company Guardz, which both secures and insures against threats, recently attended the IT Nation trade show event in Orlando, to show off their solution to an SMB-focused MSP audience. Shortly after, they also announced they had introduced a Growth Hub for MSPs, which provides them  with additional cybersecurity tools to offer broader services to their customers.

“In the last decade, I have founded three companies,” said Dor Eisner, a verteran of the IDF’s Unit 8200 cybersecurity unit, and who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Israeli-based Guardz. “The last one to be acquired [in 2021] was IntSights, a threat intelligence company that was acquired by Rapid7”

Guardz is, however, fundamentally different from the companies that Eisner has founded in the past, in several ways.

“I built a lot of enterprise grade companies before, but this one is for smaller companies, who tend not to be well protected,” he said. “We are well positioned to help MSPs secure and insure clients.”

Eisner said that they compete with enterprise players trying to go down market,

“In the enterprise  you need to be best of breed of any attack vector, and they are well designed for that.” he indicated. “But it won’t work for small business. We focus on small business and aren’t interested in upmarket. We define our market as the 100 employees and below space, the S in SMB, which is 98% of the market.”

The second differentiation is the focus on MSPs.

“Our vision was to empower MSPs, and to provide them both with cybersecurity and with insurance based on carriers they partner with,” Eisner said. “Because cyber insurance has become so complex, Guardz allows them to streamline it to the customer. It’s the combination of cybersecurity and insurance that makes us distinct. We do a holistic approach, so that we can automate detection and response on the users.”

The focus here is on smaller MSPs as well.

“They want to get into the security market and generate the revenue stream, from it,” Eisner said. “They are also small businesses. We help them get into cyber security in a very cost-effective way.”

That distinctiveness is not in Canada yet, because the insurance regulations are different, but Eisner said that it is coming.

“It’s just a matter of time before we are in Canada,” he said.

Guardz just gave the developing MSP market additional tool, with its new Growth Hub for MSPs. The tools that it provides includes ROI reporting, AI-powered risk assessment prospecting reports, and support tools to grow their client base.

The on-demand ROI reports enable MSPs to demonstrate their immediate value to customers by assessing attack attempts, alert remediation, and employee security posture.

The AI-powered cyber risk assessment prospecting tool leverages machine learning to assess businesses’ particular cybersecurity vulnerabilities, to give MSPs in-depth security posture reports of their prospective customers.

Customer support includes seamless communication with Guardz channel managers, who can connect MSPs to customer success and support, and access to the Guardz referral program, which offers a commission of up to $1,000 per MSP conversion.

The tool also includes a subscription overview widget displaying each MSP’s customers’ subscription status for both trial and paying customers, and a gallery of curated sales and marketing assets. These range from industry-specific one-pagers to comprehensive SME-facing sales decks, and are designed to assist with MSP business development. Guardz also MSPs personalize the materials with their own name, logo, and contact details to ensure a consistent brand experience across content.