New XSight Live View visibility tool highlights announcements at SOTI SYNC 23 event

SOTI also strengthened support for their MSP partners to reflect the rapid growth of that segment of their business.

Mikhail Ishkanov, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Sales Enablement.

Mississauga ON-based enterprise mobility solutions vendor SOTI recently held their SOTI SYNC 23 partner and user conference. The biggest news involved substantial updates to the SOTI ONE Platform. In addition to enhancements to SOTI XSight, particularly Live View, a diagnostic intelligence tool that lets organizations visualize their operations in real time. SOTI also made other notable product announcements among the new features that were introduced.  On the channel side, they introduced new capabilities for MSPs, a segment of their partner base that has recently been growing significantly. SOTI also provided direction to their audience about their strategic plans going forward.

“Carl Rodrigues, our President and CEO, talked about SOTI’s strategic vision in his keynote,” said Mikhail Ishkanov, SOTI’s Senior Director, Product Strategy and Sales Enablement, highlighting things like SOTI’s 112 consecutive quarters of profitable growth. “This new release of the SOTI ONE platform is the largest one since the platform was created, with over 100 new features. It gives partners the ability to manage everything.”

Ishkanov said that the theme of the event was intelligence.

“A lot of organizations use AI as a catchall, but we’ve been using machine learning and predictive analytics for years,” he noted. “We don’t look on it as a marketing tool, but for addressing specific use cases, working jointly with our partner and OEM teams to provide real tangible features. For example, we work with  leading OEMs to understand how batteries are performing and being drained, so that we can predict battery life. Some wouldn’t call  this AI. But it is predictive analytics, which flags what batteries need to be replaced and when. We also make sure that we validate the approach before we bring it into the product to make a marketing splash.”

Ishkanov said that these capabilities were more important than ever in the EMM space.

“It’s these edge devices like printers and IP cameras that are increasingly becoming attack vectors,” he noted. “They are now all connected to their networks, so these devices need that same level of security. Now, customers and partners can uncover hidden opportunities in our platform, like determining what apps they are using and when, because we have the right intelligence to take control of those operations.”

The most significant new release was SOTI XSight Live View, which the company is terming the most advanced diagnostic tool in the industry.

“This was our big spotlight announcement,” Ishkanov said. “XSight Live View brings together business and device data, to let organizations visualize their entire fleet of devices. We also built a time machine to let the user got back in time two hours, to fix any problems which emerge with the fleet.”

SOTI Snap has also been integrated with SOTI XSight Live View so businesses can pull data from SOTI Snap apps and see them in Live View.

Another important announcement was expansion of support for additional devices.

“We have brand new support for both SMTP devices and IP cameras,” Ishkanov stated.

SOTI MobiControl is the company’s flagship product, and its functionality has also been expanded to integrate Single Sign-On capabilities with the following solutions: Microsoft Entra ID Shared Device Mode, Imprivata Mobile Device Access and SOTI Mobile SSO. SOTI MobiControl also supports Shared iPad for Business, which allows iPads to be used by various workers who authenticate through a Managed Apple ID to access the specific apps and data each worker needs. MobiControl’s new release also has a 99% improvement in search indexing, 88% performance improvement in API response times and 37% faster device check-ins.

Ishkanov said that on the partner side, where the ecosystem now numbers over 4000, the big development has been the expansion of SOTI’s MSP business.

“We have seen a massive uptake in the MSP model in the last few years, and so we added new capabilities toward MSPs, and new features to support the MSP product, including the ability for provide an integrated access and management system,” he indicated.