Transforming healthcare through Innovation Without Disruption

How would you feel as a patient if you knew the hospital you were admitted to was coordinating your care using technology as old as VHS tapes? How would you feel as an employee in such an environment doing your best to provide this high-quality, patient-centric care?

The less streamlined and coordinated care is, the greater the risk of medical errors, readmissions, misdiagnosis, gaps in clinical information, patient mortality, and provider burnout. Costs increase on both ends, and the organization’s bullseye grows in a world where 1,500 cyberattacks happen in healthcare weekly.

Providers should be communicating using technology that’s as advanced and integrative as the new treatments they incorporate into their delivery of care, especially as their legacy systems near their end of life.

The Answer is (Partly) In the Cloud

A seamless hybrid environment is the sweet spot that allows healthcare organizations to transition to the digital cloud at their own pace. Providers can move the needle in a completely secure and compliant way by launching cutting-edge contact center capabilities and adding extensive unified communications while preserving their complex, highly bespoke investments.

Here’s what this environment looks like in action:

Unified Communications

What you’ll get: a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant communications system that connects users on a single platform supporting enterprise-grade voice, video, IM/messaging, meetings, conferencing, and more – available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What you can achieve:

  • The scale and complexity of interactions within the healthcare system mean even the slightest miscommunication can create substantial consequences. Cloud-based telephony and call control (including emergency calling), voicemail and instant messaging, team engagement and conferencing, and mobility bring everyone in the healthcare ecosystem (nurses, doctors, general practitioners, labs, patients) together for seamless interprofessional collaboration – streamlining, accelerating, and improving overall health outcomes.
  • Succeed in today’s massive telehealth market (telehealth use has increased 38x from the pre-COVID baseline) with workstream collaboration capabilities. Personalize care plans for patients in any location by providing remote access to specialists and care teams.
  • Enable back-office workers to collaborate quickly and effectively with more contextual communication and fluid problem solving (check out this story of Avaya customer, Engagent Health, for example).
  • Add voice to Microsoft Teams by configuring interoperability with your on-premises Avaya voice solution. Get the calling functionality you want without added expenses or contract complications.

Contact Center

What you’ll get: A cloud-based contact center built on flexible, scalable, easy-to-integrate technology (a.k.a. composable architecture) that makes it simple to innovate without disruption, bringing new features and functions to patients and employees.

What you can achieve:

  • Significantly improve patient follow-up with proactive engagement. Reclaim funds lost to missed appointments and ensure more bills get paid on time with personalized check-ins on patients’ preferred channel (text, call, email, etc.).
  • Communicate care plans more effectively with targeted wellness campaigns that leverage mass notifications. Send patients reminders for procedures like annual flu shots, vaccinations, and recommended tests for screenings associated with chronic disease using their preferred channel (also critical for emergency mass notification).
  • Explore endless options using simple low-code/no-code development tools. For example, building an AI bot that can handle repetitive tasks like resetting PINs/passwords in seconds.
  • Reinvent and expand your automated service experiences by deploying an AI virtual agent that’s available 24×7, has omnichannel connectivity, and can communicate naturally in 100+ languages.
  • Connect all touchpoints throughout the patient journey – voice, email, messaging, chat, social, and more – and get a visual representation of each patient’s interaction history with a built-in customer journey map feature.

Everything you Need for Continuous Innovation Without Any Interruptions to Existing Operations.

The healthcare industry must evolve to a modern, digital, integrated communications environment. Providers owe it to themselves, and to society, to make this a priority. Avaya Enterprise Cloud enables on-premises users to benefit from their investments while connecting them with new, cloud-based capabilities that transform experiences. Powerful, secure, flexible, and entirely dedicated to your organization – it’s designed to tackle what keeps healthcare leaders up at night.

Minimize interruptions, maximize return on existing investments, and promote innovation without disruption while accelerating quality of care. That’s the Avaya Enterprise Cloud experience.