Salesforce caps off torrent of announcements with Slack GPT and expansion of Accenture partnership

Salesforce concluded a series of announcements over the last several days with two specifically around Generative AI, including Slack GPT, which will bring Generative AI to Slack, and an expansion of their existing partnership with Accenture which will result in an acceleration hub for generative AI.

Today, at their World Tour NYC event, Salesforce concluded several days of announcements with a pair of significant ones around the theme of Generative AI, which is specifically focused around the generation of content. They also announced Slack GPT, which will soon bring Generative AI into Slack to transform how work gets done there. In addition, they stated that their long-time relations with Global Systems Integrator Accenture is being expanded, to create an acceleration hub for generative AI.

“We think Generative AI has enormous potential to redefine how work is done and unlock significant productivity,” said Ali Rayl, Slack’s Senior Vice President of Product.

“Slack has unique advantages in Generative AI,” Rayl said. This includes a robust partner ecosystem, and a secure trust platform. Introducing Slack GPT will make all Slack capabilities much more powerful, while bringing AI natively into the user experience.

“Customers will also be able to build no code workflows for AI automation,” Rayly added. These workflows embed AI actions with simple prompts at each step. They can also securely integrate a large language model [LLM], like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Anthropic’s Claude, or use the LLM of their choice, including those funded by Salesforce Venture’s Generative AI Fund, and in the future Salesforce’s proprietary LLMs.

“The Einstein GPT App for Slack will also enrich every team’s understanding of the customer, and will give them choice and flexibility to bring it into their business when they are ready,” Rayly said.

The new Slack platform is AI-ready with generative AI app integrations already deployed and thousands more in development. Use. It also has the power to tap into secure customer data insights from the Customer 360 and Data Cloud.

“What’s coming up is no code workflows that automate workflows across Slack, and which in Workflow build can instantly connect Generative AI to Workflow,” Rayly added.

Rayly also highlighted a new State of Work Report from Slack, where the data found that those adopting AI are 90% more likely to report higher levels of productivity.

“Still companies are missing opportunities to boost productivity, as just 27% of companies are actually using AI tools to increase productivity,” Rayly added.  Those who use automations at work estimate saving an average of 3.6 hours a week, which translates into one month a year.

The other announcement Salesforce is making today involves the creation of an acceleration hub for generative AI for CRM, in collaboration with their long-time strategic partner Accenture.

“Our plans to expand our existing partnership with Accenture around Generative AI involved creating an acceleration Hub for Generative AI,” said Amy Kodl, SVP of Alliances and Channels at Salesforce.

“There will be four focus areas,” Kodl said. “They are custom AI strategies for growth; innovative use cases, which will initially be in financial services health, manufacturing and the  and public sector; Generative AI and Data Cloud , to learn to create a more personalized experience; and developing of learning resources. It’s all about bringing AI-powered CRM to drive profound transformation.”

Kodl also noted that 84% of senior IT leaders say that generative AI will help their organizations better service customers.”

The flurry of announcements Salesforce made during the last two days include new innovations for MuleSoft’s Anypoint API Experience Hub, new real-time data and AI capabilities built into Salesforce Sales Cloud, Einstein GPT for Service and new Service automation capabilities for Service Cloud, and the next generation of Nonprofit Cloud, with new program management, fundraising, engagement and grantmaking features in a unified, single solution.