New Boomi channel chief looks to grow channel further and better align with internal sales

The announcement of Dan McAllister’s appointment as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels at Boomi is but one of multiple senior changes in the leadership team just announced, including a new Chief Commercial Officer, a new Chief Strategy Officer, and a new Global Commercial Market Vice President.

Dan McAllister, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels, Boomi

Integration and automation platform provider Boomi has announced multiple new additions to their leadership team. For the channel, the key one is Dan McAllister, who comes to Boomi as Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels from Salesforce via Mulesoft. Boomi also announced the hiring of Greg Wolfe as Chief Commercial Officer, Rahim Bhatia as Chief Strategy Officer, Jessica Soisson as Chief Accounting Officer and Troy Anderson as Global Commercial Market Vice President.

Many of these executives know either Boomi CEO Steve Lucas, who was previously CEO at Marketo, or each other, from previous roles.

“I know many of these leaders and their styles, which was an important reason that I came to Boomi,” McAllister told ChannelBuzz. “That will be very beneficial to the channel organization.” He replaces David Tavolaro, who had been in the channel role at Boomi since 2016 and has now left the company.

Prior to Salesforce and Mulesoft, McAllister had roles at Box, NetSuite and Crystal Decisions.

“What I learned at those companies was how to develop a complementary channel to a high growth organization,” he said. “That includes things like not investing in areas too early, and having a great partner enablement strategy. If  we can drive enablement and develop businesses, that’s the best thing we can do. We have a lot of flexible models to take into the different segments of the market. That diversity is important for us. We aren’t restricted into certain models. Other players don’t invest in channels or OEMs like we do, and tend to be more focused on systems integrators. The key is to use all those models.”

Boomi does have a very strong SI community.

“We also have good OEM and ISV relationships,” McAlister noted. “24,000 Boomi licenses are delivered through our OEM partners, so some customers use us and don’t even know it. We are looking for opportunities to work with multiple sets of partners.”

McAllister said that the current uncertain economic climate can be a positive for a company like Boomi.

“With inflation, the pressure on improving margins has rapidly increased,” he indicated. “In addition, customers and employees have seen what good services look like demonstrated in the market. If you don’t provide great service to them, they leave. All of these things combine as a massive opportunity for Boomi because of what we provide.”

Partners are indispensable to take full advantage of this.  McAllister indicated that the number of Boomi partners has more than tripled over the last six years, and is now over 800 globally.

“We have grown that number significantly, and there are still never enough partners,” he said. “We will continue to invest in those partners, which contributed a great amount to our value and our margins. They can deliver great value.”

McAllister stressed that the task of properly enabling partners is constantly ongoing.

“It’s so important that it’s a job that’s never done,” he said. “How do I bring them in? How do I ramp them up. I spent two hours with the Partner Enablement teams this morning. We have amazing sales training capabilities, and are working with the services organization to impart our technical and philosophical knowledge.”

Going forward, McAllister said some things can be done to improve this process.

“One thing I plan to do quickly is bring alignment with our own sales organization,” he stated. “I want to bring our partners much closer to the field and our own teams at a local level. We will also make additional investments in helping them on their partner journey. There are some other things we can improve, and we will work at that, so we are the best partner in the ecosystem for them to work with.”