Building a cyber-resilience strategy for your customers

Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET

Tony Anscombe, global security evangelist at ESET

You’re no doubt involved in keeping your customers’ important data backed up, but what about other things that could knock them offline, and out of business, temporarily or permanently? How do you help customers prepare for whatever may come their way and keep the lights on thoughout?

In this edition of the podcast, Tony Anscombe, chief security evangelist at ESET, joins us to discuss all things cyber resilience.

We discuss:

  • what we mean when we say cyber resiliency;
  • frameworks for figuring out what you need to cover in a resiliency plan;
  • why developing resiliency plans for customers is a good opportunity for VARs and MSPs;
  • what works to start a conversation with customers around resiliency;
  • how building a plan opens solution providers up to more of a customer’s leadership team;
  • the process for building a plan and then operationalizing that plan;
  • why going over the basics — like a backup one can restore from — is crucial;
  • getting the attention of the C-suite in terms that are impactful to them; and
  • why the examples you point to don’t need to be specific to technology or communications.

All this and much more are in this edition of the Podcast.


If you’d prefer to watch the conversation, please check out the video of the podcast embedded below.

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