Hammerspace, Seagate introduce bundles combining Seagate enterprise storage with Hammerspace’s single global file system

The bundles will be available to channel partners exclusively through Climb Channel Solutions.

Molly Presley, SVP Marketing at Hammerspace

Today, Hammerspace, which lets users access their data from anywhere in the world by unifying primary on-prem storage or in the cloud within a single namespace, has partnered with storage provider Seagate to create two bundles which will be sold through distributor Climb Technology Solutions. The bundles include the software, edge hardware or cloud capacity needed to present data at the edge, in the data centre and in the cloud in a single global file system.

“What has become unique in the data space is the new wave of technologies that make it so cloud can behave like organizations originally wanted it to do,” said Molly Presley, SVP Marketing at Hammerspace. “Instead of being a silo in a data centre or an AWS cloud, the data can be used anywhere. That’s the piece that Hammerspace provides, and without the costs of egress.  There is no need to move data around, with the data centre and cloud supported in the same namespace. This enables the next generation of cloud.”

Seagate’s contribution to the first bundle is their Seagate Exos CORVAULT enterprise SAS storage system, which supports petabytes of capacity with self-healing, mass-capacity block storage.

“Our self-healing architecture uses autonomous drive regeneration to regenerate in place without interaction from humans,” said Mark Anderson, Manager, Channel Systems and Solutions Sales Team at Seagate. “We also offer with our live cloud a predictable cost model.”

The first bundle, “Starting at the Edge,” includes a Seagate Exos CORVAULT with  2.12 PB raw, and the Hammerspace Global Data Environment, which has 1.7 PB managed capacity. It is available in a one-year subscription with 7×24 support

In the second bundle, “Adding the Cloud,” the Seagate component is the Seagate Lyve Cloud, an object storage solution delivered as STaaS with predictable economics, and with 250TB of storage.

“In Canada, our primary bundle would be the first, because we don’t have a Lyve Cloud bundle there,” Anderson indicated.

While Seagate has a long history of partnering with strategic ISV partners, Anderson said that the Hammerspace partnership is somewhat unique.

“We have worked with other partners but not in this space and not with our enterprise data system,” he noted. “They are the first data management partner that we have had with our enterprise data systems.”

Presley said that Seagate also met Hammerspace’s criteria for an ideal partner.

“Hammerspace is the first global file system that can support any vendor, with any cloud and any storage,” she stated. “Customers have been asking for this for a long time, so there is a lot of interest. In terms of partnering, where we draw the line is to encompass companies thinking about next generation data and storage because that’s what we enable. We are not a patchwork to a legacy architecture. We have the technology to be a single cluster NAS storage. But so do dozens of other companies. We are focusing on partnerships with other companies hoping to make next generation partnerships.”

This is the first time Hammerspace has put together a full Go-to-Market package with another vendor.

“This is the only solution where we have bundled with another company to build a complete solution,” Presley said. “Climb is the path to market for the bundle. It’s how all our resellers will access the bundle.  We chose Climb because both of our companies use them, and both used them previously. Climb also makes it easier to bring things together for resellers because they can size these bundles, unified as a single part number.”

Both companies expect that this will have fairly broad appeal within their partner bases, not just among those who sell more bleeding edge solutions.

Mark Anderson, Manager, Channel Systems and Solutions Sales Team at Seagate

“Seagate only sells through distribution in our enterprise business,” Anderson said. “Many partners have built on legacy technologies, but there are ones with more cloud- focused skillsets within their organization. Many resellers are averse to risk with new solutions, but even the more risk-adverse see how the Hammerspace solution solves a problem customers have, of making disparate stores accessible under one namespace.”

“Most resellers sell to established accounts, helping them with their next initiatives,” Presley added. “Resellers need to come up with new solutions for this. For any concerned about us as a newer company, there’s a lot of risk reduction when we are partnered with Seagate.”

The market for this is defined more by data use than company size.

“This fits organizations who need petabyte scale data storage,” Anderson said. “With more people getting into that now, this is not just a Fortune 1000 play.

“We define the ideal customer as one with remote users who needs access to unstructured data,” Presley added. “They aren’t all larger organizations. Some of them are small, but with lots of data like large video files.”

These bundles meet the needs of both resellers and their customers, Anderson stressed.

“This is where customers’ needs are going,” he said. “This puts it all in one package with a bow on it to get them started.”

“It has been difficult for a traditional reseller to make money with cloud data, because it has been so fragmented in the way it’s put together,” Presley stated. “Customers have figured that out, and now they are going back to trusted resellers and integrators for help. The channel needs to be skating where the puck is going.”

Special pricing is available through Climb for deals booked by March 31, 2022.