Five examples of enhanced contact center communications experiences powered by Avaya OneCloud

We live in an Experience Economy where the memories and feelings associated with our experiences matter most. The Avaya OneCloud™ Experience Platform was designed with this framework in mind (click here for an intro to the platform and how it stacks up to the competition).

Here are five examples of how Canadian organizations across different industries are using Avaya OneCloud to enhance their customer and employee experiences:

  1. A global customer care and technology company launched a smart virtual agent that can talk, listen, and understand to help customers independently resolve their issues.

As opposed to a chatbot that is only capable of answering pre-defined questions (“What are your hours of operation?”), this customer used complementary solutions from Google and Avaya OneCloud to launch an AI-powered virtual agent that offers better answers and can intelligently deliver the assistance customers need. The solution can “talk” to customers in a natural, humanlike way, send codes via text message for multifactor authentication, and more.

  1. A large Canadian service provider applied advanced speech analytics to obtain deeper insights around their customer experiences.

After experiencing a lot of change in such a short period of time, this customer wanted a smart, new way to get to know its customers. Google and Avaya offer a suite of complementary conversational AI solutions, including speech analytics, that can be added on top of both on-prem and CCaaS environments. The company leveraged the best of both vendors to begin identifying call drivers and sentiment, spot trends, and get ahead of customer demand with advanced speech analytics.

  1. A multinational financial services company offers speech enabled IVR for its Canadian customers.

Unlike your average bank where inquiries range from simple (password resets and balance lookups) to advanced, the average request at this financial services company is on the complex side: financial planning and advice, retirement plans, wealth management, trading and brokerage services, etc. This customer used Avaya OneCloud and over-the-top conversational AI technologies from Nuance to create a smart IVR that could communicate in natural, two-way conversation with callers (“Tell me what you’re calling about in a few sentences and I’ll be able to help. Go on, give it a try”). Customers aren’t stuck in a “Press 1 for X, Press 2 for Y” menu loop and can be easily escalated to the right resource if needed – quickly and on the first try.

  1. A global human capital management company optimized productivity for over 800 frontline sales and services staff.

This customer wanted to improve handle times by limiting the number of screens its agents needed to operate in. The company also wanted to provide a screen pop on inbound calls that would allow agents to automatically log calls into Salesforce and attach interaction to opportunities and cases without having to leave their desktop. Tenfold, an Avaya partner, meets these needs by enabling automated call logging, script pop-up, and seamless note taking directly inside of Salesforce. By integrating Tenfold with Avaya OneCloud, the company began immediately improving handle time, reducing after-call work, and improving the overall experience of its sales and service agents.

  1. One of Canada’s largest property and casualty insurers uplevels CX and EX with advanced workforce optimization.

Verint’s suite of workforce optimization solutions is tightly integrated into Avaya OneCloud, allowing this customer to enhance experiences all around. Knowledge management enables agents to easily manage interactions across multiple channels via a unified desktop, Voice of the Customer (VoC) provides a powerful way to collect, analyze and act on customer feedback across all channels, text analytics helps uncover actionable insights from text-based customer interactions like email, web chat, social media, and surveys, and more. Employees can do their jobs faster and work more meaningfully, and customers receive better experiences fueled by actionable intelligence.

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