SaaS Alerts adds third module to platform with release of SA Respond

SA Respond adds a remediation capability to the MSP-focused SaaS Alerts CyberSecurity platform.

Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts

SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company which makes a platform with a rules engine purpose-built for MSPs, has announced the pre-launch of SA Respond, the third module of the SaaS Alerts cybersecurity platform which specifically provides a remediation capability that strengthens SaaS application security against malicious attacks. The full platform was introduced during the 2022 RSA Conference in San Francisco last week.

SA Respond, which was called SaaS Remediate when it was under development, is the third module of the SaaS Alerts cybersecurity platform, following the original application, now called Manage, and the second module, Report.  Respond specifically addresses threats with a customizable rules-based engine for MSPs to strengthen SaaS application security against malicious attacks.

“The rules engine effectively makes the software a robotic employee, which can identify and then lock down a compromised account, even in the middle of the night, when the MSP is likely asleep,” said Jim Lippie, CEO at SaaS Alerts.

Lippie stressed that this ability of Respond to do robotic analysis is valuable for MSPs because it can save them a lot of money.

“What we are finding as MSPs use it daily, is that using SaaS Alerts as your robotic analysis is considerably less expensive because it costs an MSP $6000 a year. In comparison, an average security analyst costs $102,000 a year.”

The key feature in Respond is that capability of creating rule-based response to security threats which lets MSPs create customized rules based on a combination of SaaS Alerts events to automatically or manually respond and secure user accounts. But – there are others.

Under Rule Assignment,  MSPs can set rules for specific organizations or accounts, can set rules to be active for a specific start/end date, or set them as ongoing. Immediate Response Actions let MSPs block sign-in, expire all logins, change password, or require MFA on the next login. MSPs will be notified by email, PSA or SMS when a rule is triggered.

“Since our platform is multitenanted, it ties into all the PSA tools an MSP would use,” Lippie said. “We now have ConnectWise, and Autotask an BMS from Kaseya, By the end of the year, we will have all of them.

Lippie said to expect fairly fast progress in expanding the platform.

“This is Version 1 of Response, and by the end of year we will have Version 4 out,” he said. “We will iterate pretty fast on top of this and then add some additional applications along the way.”

The Respond beta is available now. General availability is expected July 1, 2022. Any MSP signed to a one-year agreement by June 30th 2022 receives SaaS Alerts Manage, Report and Respond for only .50/user/month. After July 1st, the pricing will increase to .80/user/month.

“Functionally, we have created something here that automates, decreases labour and increases profit,” Lippie stated.