Pure Storage sees major pluses for partners in major Accelerate product announcements

The major announcement at Accelerate was a major upgrade to FlashBlade//S, which doubles density and performance as well as power efficiency, but the announcements also see a new offering adding to the Evergreen portfolio and the next generation of AIRI//S, designed and sold in partnership with NVIDIA.

Wendy Stusrud, VP, Global Partner Sales at Pure Storage

This week, at their Pure//Accelerate techfest22 event in Los Angeles, Pure Storage made several major announcements. These included the next generation of their FlashBlade (FlashBlade//S) unified file and object platform which now has added modular architecture and disaggregating storage compute and capacity. Pure also expanded their Evergreen portfolio with a new hybrid consumption model, Evergreen//Flex. Finally, Pure and their strategic partners NVIDIA announced AIRI//S, the next generation of their AI-ready infrastructure, a product co-designed by both companies and sold as a meet in the channel offering.

“The FlashBlade//S announcement is a major one which represents a significant evolution of the product,” said Wendy Stusrud, VP, Global Partner Sales at Pure Storage. “It has double the density and double the power efficiency of the previous version, and reflects the fact that the priority here was reducing the density and increasing efficiency and performance. The management of unstructured data is also now a big priority with customers. So we believe that this will significantly improve the ability of partners to address their addressable market, which is why we are leading with this announcement.

Stusrud emphasized that the introduction of disaggregation capability is a big deal for both partners and customers.

“It allows for very customized solutions,” she said.

She also noted that the smaller footprint is also a significant differentiating feature for Pure.

“Improved power efficiency is especially key in certain GEOs like EMEA,” but it differentiates us everywhere,” she said.

General availability of the FlashBlade//S products will start in Q2 FY23.

Pure has also added to its Evergreen portfolio with the addition of Evergreen//Flex, a new offering which has a hybrid consumption model.

“This allows the customer to continue to own storage hardware, paying for it by capacity in a pay-as-you-go model,” Stusrud said. “This will open up a new market for partners. This is a new product, which reflects the importance of the Evergreen model to us. EverGreen Forever, on the other hand, now takes the place of Evergreen Gold, while Pure as a Service will be renamed Evergreen One. Partners will be able to wrap their own services around these.”

Finally, Pure Storage and NVIDIA have announced AIRI//S, the next generation of their complete AI-ready infrastructure, jointly delivered by Pure Storage and NVIDIA. It provides enterprises a simple, on-demand infrastructure that accelerates AI initiatives, at any scale

“It is a meet in the channel play, where you have to be a partner of both companies to sell it,” Stusrud said. “It allows partners to be thought leaders in the market.”