Augmentt adds remediation capability to Managed Secure MFA alerting solution for Microsoft 365

Derik Belair, CEO and co-founder of Augmentt

Augmentt, an Ottawa-based SaaS security and management platform focused squarely on the MSP market, has announced a major enhancement to its Augment Secure platform. While its focus had previously been based on security posture and management, the company has responded to customer requests in adding a remediation capability as well. That has led Augmentt to the belief that they have a highly unique solution in the market, which enables MSPs to offer both MFA alerting and remediation for Microsoft 365 environments.

Augmentt was launched in 2020 by Gavin Garbutt and Derik Belair. Garbutt was the founder and CEO of RMM N-able, which was acquired by Solarwinds in 2013, then spun out last year under the N-able name, as a more powerful incarnation of its original self, with additional RMM assets Solarwinds had also acquired. Belair was at N-able almost from the start, and became the VP of Marketing and Business Development. Belair became the CEO of the new company, while Garbutt became the Chairman. Augmentt is not an RMM, but an MSP-focused SaaS operations management provider, with its Managed Secure platform focused solely on the MSP community, with a mandate of helping MSPs better monetize and manage SaaS solutions.

The company has done well since its launch, epidemic notwithstanding.

“Business has been good,” Belair indicated. It’s hard to believe it has only been two years. It’s a very exciting space that has a lot of people interested in it. MSPs have run a traditional management service selling hardware and software, which has typically evolved to cybersecurity. Every RMM vendor is also trying to figure out how they will be involved in SaaS management.”

Belair said that this strong growth over the past two years extended to both the size of the market, and the number of partners under management.

“We now have about 500 partners and are bringing on 50 to 60 partners a month,” he indicated. That is faster than what I had originally anticipated. MSPs serving SMBs are looking at how they can best get involved doing SaaS service. As traditional infrastructure moves from on-prem to cloud, cybersecurity requires a new set of tools.”

Their typical end customer doesn’t tend to be 2-4 person shops.

“It’s usually more in the 10-25 range– they are trying to harness the power of the cloud. It’s a new set of concerns MSPs are being asked and they count on us,” Belair added. “Our technology integrates with all the major vendors in a couple of different ways We have certified through the RMM. MSPs have a very specific idea of tools that they want.”

Belair said that the remediation capability of their solution is definitely something that they want.

“There has always been a lot of solutions in the space,” he noted. “Our approach has been around providing a platform that starts around discovery. Then we will help you manage Microsoft, understand its security and do its remediation. That end-to-end capability is very unique to us.”

That new remediation capability, he stressed, addresses what has become a major problem around manages services.

“Microsoft is the Number One product most MSPs are familiar with,” he said. “Before, we were about providing posture information around Microsoft, such as what scores are turned off and on, and what’s coming through. This latest release is Augmentt’s first step in remediation. MSPs implement great security policies for their customers, but the problem with all these security policies is people turn things on and off and all the great work the MSP does starts to decline. Sometimes the customer finds out that the policies were turned off, and the CEO gets phished as a result. So they wanted remediation. We are moving from automation to remediation to indicate when things are coming off line.”

In addition, Belair gave a preview of what’s next on the roadmap.

“We will be going deeper on policy work, with more policies being added until the next year,” he said. “We will go down that list and add more policies. Microsoft is just the tip of the iceberg. We will be going after Google as well, because we have a multi-product focus.”

The enhanced Augment Secure is available now.