The easiest migration path to cloud communications

David Robertson, managing director and president of sales at Avaya Canada

Enterprise spending on cloud services recently exceeded on-premises spending for the first time in history, signaling a major shift that cannot be ignored. Much of this market growth was driven by the explosion of cloud communications in response to the pandemic (interest in UCaaS spiked 86% as firms across all industries began modernizing to support remote work). This crucial need for cloud will only grow as we move forward. Enterprises anchored by on-premise telephony need to begin transitioning to harness the power of advanced AI and digital communication capabilities for customer engagement, workforce optimization, and business continuity.

So, where does this migration path lie? For many enterprises, the answer has been Avaya’s cloud phone system, Avaya Cloud Office. On-prem customers across all industries have been able to smoothly transition to Avaya Cloud Office at a pace that makes sense for their specific needs. The solution enables them to unlock the many benefits of cloud – agility, scalability, mobility, global availability, and composability, with security and compliance as needed – without majorly disrupting their existing telephony solution, all while dodging the hassles of getting new communication features and functions. 

Here’s how some of our customers are benefiting…

Immediate improvements in productivity for an automotive parts dealer

Locally owned and operated in Moncton, New Brunswick, Maritime Exhaust has worked over the decades to become one of the largest automotive exhaust parts wholesalers in Atlantic Canada. Avaya Cloud Office was the perfect collaboration platform to replace the company’s on-premises Panasonic phone system, delivering immediate improvements in productivity with the ability for staff to reliably communicate anytime, anywhere. Video and document sharing have been especially beneficial for the company to stay connected with its large wholesale and retail customer base. 

Greater experiences and outcomes for a healthcare agency 

Preferred Home Care of New York – one of the state’s leading home care agencies – transitioned to Avaya Cloud Office to enhance communications with better uptime and customer support, improving productivity by 10-15% as well as customer experience and brand reputation. The agency now effectively manages thousands of calls each day from patients, caregivers, case managers, and on-site coordinators about everything from payroll to patient issues. The agency also benefits from a full suite of remote work and UC capabilities that make it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate across nine locations. There are also easy-to-use APIs for seamless configuration and development, all backed by Avaya’s award-winning support. 

30% workload reduction for a community college

By transitioning from its aging, on-premise phone system to Avaya Cloud Office, Aims Community College was able to reduce its workload on phone systems by a minimum of 30% while increasing uptime and creating a better overall user experience. The college, which serves over 8,000 students across four campuses, was able to simplify IT management and centralization; improve communications functionality; get better flexibility to support growth; and allow users to communicate anywhere, anytime using any device with top-tier quality. Best of all, there were no added costs compared to its previous on-prem phone system. 

A family business improves call handling by 50% 

Ehli Auctions – a Washington-based family business – faced a surge in online and phone activity when COVID restrictions meant customers could no longer gather onsite as they normally would for auctions. The company’s old PBX system was not robust enough to handle the spike in calls, leaving customers frustrated with constant busy signals. Avaya Cloud Office allowed the business to queue calls and monitor and pick up calls from anywhere, solving this problem and increasing call handling by 50%. 

The family also benefits from a range of advanced features for calling, meeting, and messaging to stay connected with each other and their customers. The solution provides users a seamless and intuitive communications experience that fits into how they work, helping them stay in touch on their device of choice as they move throughout their day.

Get the security, reliability, and coverage you need to move your business forward while optimizing your existing telephony solutions. Learn more about Avaya Cloud Office or get in touch with us to get your questions answered.