Startup Prosimo builds out channel infrastructure with hire of channel leader and new partner program

Prosimo, which delivers autonomous multi-cloud networking to customers at several different stages of their multi-cloud journey, has hired Timo Prietto as their channel leader, and unveiled a channel program designed to attract and support partners with cutting-edge cloud capabilities.

Timo Prietto, Head of Strategic Partners and Channels, Prosimo

Prosimo, a Santa Clara CA-based startup which coordinates multi-cloud networking with an integrative stack that lets architects work with one consistent architecture, is formalizing and strengthening their channel strategy. They have hired Timo Prietto, who was formerly channel leader at Aviatrix, as Head of Strategic Partners and Channels. They have also announced the launch of their first channel program.

“We came out of stealth in April of last year, with our Series A round,” said Mehul Patel, Head of Marketing at Prosimo. “Where cloud ops are struggling today is connecting to and within clouds. We provide an integrative stack, where the value-add is to help architects work with one consistent architecture, and we do this with an architecture that sits on top of existing CSP architectures as an overlay. This creates consistent cloud traffic flows and allows cloud engineers to focus on outcomes.”

The Proximo AXI platform offers Network transit and App Transit to include observability and machine learning-driven recommendations that balance performance, security, and cost control.

“Our secret sauce is in our machine learning services, which overlays on top of existing services, and which is based on the type of app, user, and connectivity, determining the optimal recommendations,” Patel noted.

Patel also stressed that that Prosimo is not just for companies with very mature cloud presences, who have to deal with massive complexity. That is an important use case for them, but it is only one of what Patel identified as three major use cases.

“Customers are at all different parts of their journey as they expand into complex multi-cloud environments,” he said. “One is where they are relatively immature, only have one cloud, and is trying to expand within it to different areas. For this type of customer, instrumenting one new region in AWS is hard. A second, somewhat more mature customer is one who thinks they have mastered AWS and want to expand to other clouds. That’s more difficult than they think because learning a new cloud is very different. The third use case is the one where they have a large cloud presence already. These are more mature users, but they are also dealing with triple or quadruple complexity.”

Patel said that this was the ideal time to introduce a channel program.

“As we start reaching out our sales and marketing, we needed a structured program to onboard partners,” he said. “You need a program with tiers and joint skin in the game. The program was also important in getting elite partners in early.”

Mehul Patel, Head of Marketing at Prosimo

Patel indicated that the channel will be less about volume and more than quality, with about 30 to 50 partners being ideal, and which by the end of Q2 will see Prosimo branching into Europe as well. They have publicly identified some partners, including Teneo, HighPoint, Landmark, BridgeIT and Static1. The key requirement for partners is that they be strongly cloud-forward.

“The size of the partner will not scare us,” Patel said. “We have big guns like Presidio as well. Partners like this saw that existing solutions were more bolt-on and that we offered a fresh approach. They also liked the approach that we are not just another cloud, because their customers want a transformation architecture.” Prosimo wants to recruit some GSI partners, and have been talking, but no GSIs have been signed up yet.

The program has three tiers: Aligned, Accelerate, and Elevate, the top tier. While the plan is to have different tracks for VARs, MSPs and SIs, that will come later on.

“We have to see what type of partners get the best traction,” Patel stated. “Right now,  VARs and white label resellers, have been getting good traction.

With respect to the program itself, Prosimo pledges to offer larger incentives, margins and discounts at all tiers compared to the competition to ensure more profitability for partners. Deal registration is provided, as is non-compete territory protection and discounted pricing for sales opportunities that partners uncover themselves.

Training initiatives are in place, with a combination of virtual, on-demand and on-site, sales and technical trainings to help partners build, develop and validate skills. Partners also receive 24/7 support, work closely with Prosimo around marketing campaigns, and have opportunities for joint marketing and marketing funds.