Nerdio places first feet on the ground in Canada as part of sales organization expansion

Nerdio also expands their U.K.-based sales organization and establishes their first in-country sales presence in the Australia/New Zealand [ANZ] region, as they continue to gear up for NerdioCon in Cancun next month, which will be a rare bird these days, a strictly on-prem annual conference.

Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio

Nerdio, which makes Azure-focused management and optimization solutions, particularly for MSPs, is making a major sales announcement in advance of their NerdioCon 2022 annual conference on February 21-23, 2022, in Cancun, Mexico. For the first time, they will be establishing an in-country sales presence in Canada, rather than just sell into Canada out of the U.S. Similarly, they are establishing a similar presence in the Australia/New Zealand [ANZ] region, and are expanding their existing sales organization in the United Kingdom.

“Expanding our sales organization in Canada and ANZ means establishing a Nerdio physical presence in those countries,” said Joseph Landes, Chief Revenue Officer at Nerdio. “We’ve been selling into these countries for a very long time, but we decided to have Nerdio employees in them.”

The timing is related to both increased demand for solutions like Nerdio has that simplify and optimize Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365 environments, and to a particularly strong demand for them in these regions where Nerdio is establishing a physical presence.

“Canada and Australia I have always felt were in the bleeding edge of cloud penetration, and we felt it was time to make those investments,” Landes said.

Once, establishing a physical presence in Canada meant establishing a physical office here, usually in the GTA, but that axiom is no longer automatic in the days of COVID. Landes indicated Nerdio simply hasn’t decided whether they will set up a physical office or not.

“We will make that determination, but first we have to find the right people,” he said. “We don’t have any employees in Canada yet. We will hire a country manager and see how that person wants to set up the organization. Certainly,  everyone needs some physical space to work in.”

Landes described Nerdio’s Canadian business as a ‘healthy’ one.

“We have important partners there including distributors SherWeb and Pax8, and partners deploying in AVD using our product,” he said.

Nerdio describes itself as a channel-first organization.

“We sell through Azure marketplace, so anyone can go there and buy direct, and some companies do that, but we have a healthy channel business and a healthy direct business,” Landes stated.

Nerdio has now released the full agenda for NerdioCon 2022. The 36 planned educational sessions include keynotes delivered by: Scott Manchester, Director of Program Management for Windows 365, Microsoft; DEI Advocate and Executive Board Director Gavriella Schuster; and Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO and co-founder, Nerdio.

The 2021 NerdioCon was Nerdio’s first such customer event and due to COVID that one was a fully virtual event.

“The 2022 event is a fully live in-person event in Cancun,” Landes said. “It’s not a hybrid event, although some sessions will be recorded and will be available for viewing later.”

While the planned live CES event in January was badly buffeted by Omicron, with panicky customers staying away in droves, leaving the large numbers of vendors who had paid for booths with little to do, this apprehension seems to have faded.

“We have exceeded our targets both for attendees and sponsors,” Landes emphasized. The NerdioCon 2022 sponsors include their Premier Sponsor, Microsoft, as well as Pax8, Huntress, Datto, ThreatLocker, Acronis, Sherweb, ConnectWise, Blackpoint Cyber, Webroot, NComputing, IGEL, Evo Security, Compliancy Group, and SocSoter. Over 150 MSPs and other partners are registered to attend.