Barracuda upgrades SKOUT Managed XDR with Barracuda email and SentinelOne endpoint integrations

The SentinelOne integration is also now part of the Barracuda RMM, and SKOUTs existing email partnership with a competitor security vendor will remain available, because SKOUT is an open platform.

Neal Bradbury, SVP, Barracuda MSP

Today, Barracuda Networks is announcing two pieces of news which are both aimed at strengthening their MSP security offerings. First, they have integrated their long-standing Barracuda Email Protection offering with the SKOUT Managed XDR platform that Barracuda acquired in 2021. This lets MSPs provide Barracuda’s email security capabilities from within the SKOUT Managed XDR platform itself. The second element of the news is a new alliance with SentinelOne that makes the SentinelOne endpoint protection capability available to both Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR and Barracuda RMM.

“This is the first integration that brings the Barracuda email that everyone knows and loves into SKOUT,” said Neal Bradbury, SVP, Barracuda MSP. “MSPs can anticipate continued enhancements to that.” Barracuda Email Protection provides impersonation and domain fraud protection, email gateway protection, and access to log data for analysis of threat detection and incident reporting.

SKOUT has had email protection in the past, but not through Barracuda.
“They did it through partnership with another vendor,” Bradbury said. “The other vendor’s solution will continue to be available through SKOUT, because it will be an open system, that will integrate logs and telemetry from other vendors. This makes sense because the more information you get from this telemetry, the more actionable alerts you can create.”

Bradbury said that combining the two Barracuda products will make them more efficient, however.

“It’s a one plus one equals three situation,” Bradbury stated. “By adding this great email protection portfolio to SKOUT, you can now get a faster response for alerts. By putting them together, you get an additional capability that upgrades the security of both the MSP and the end users.”

Prices for the integration won’t go up – if a customer already has both SKOUT and Barracuda Email Protection.

“The current clients of both will see no charge to put them together,” Bradbury said. “But if you just have one, you will need to get the other piece to monitor the logs.”

The new alliance with SentinelOne provides both Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR and Barracuda RMM with additional endpoint protection functionality. SentinelOne has a very aggressive strategic partnering strategy, and is already partnered with multiple Barracuda competitors, but Bradbury said that even though they are commonly used, there is still considerable value in partnering with them.

“They have done a fantastic job at developing an EDR product that resonates with MSPs, and they are well known in the MSP space, where MSPs look on them as providing a greater level of protection,” Bradbury indicated. “We have other strategic endpoint partners as well, but this just adds more choice for the MSPs.”

Bradbury also pointed out the importance of SentinelOne being integrated into Barracuda RMM and its security assessment capabilities as well.

“We have integrated some of the telemetry as part of its assessment wizard for MSP security,” he said.