Intel video series offers a Path to Cloud

Phil Vokins, cloud services director for Intel Americas, joins us on the podcast to discuss the chipmaker’s Path to Cloud video series, all things cloud security, and what solution providers can learn from it.

Phil Vokins, cloud services director for Intel Americas

Intel’s Path to Cloud video series offers profound advice on various aspects of business’ cloud journey from the perspective of IT professionals who’ve been there. It aims to help businesses of all sizes succeed in their move to the cloud by tapping into the experience of those who have guided and successfully executed their organizations’ cloud strategy.

Intel has just released the second video in the video series, and it’s focused on avoiding security vulnerabilities in the cloud. Phil Vokins, cloud services director for Intel Americas, joins us on the podcast to share the strategy behind the videos, get into the ever-evolving security threatscape in the cloud, and how partners can improve their cloud security game.

We discuss:

  • the reason for the video series and offering cloud computing content that’s not vendor-specific;
  • what kinds of questions they’re hearing from Canadian customers about the cloud today;
  • why Intel is well-suited to deliver vendor-neutral cloud education given its position in the market and its cloud journey from an internal IT perspective;
  • how partners can take advantage of this series of videos and use them in their business and to capture new opportunities;
  • the second video in the series is on security – what are the three major concerns customers need to think about when it comes to the cloud;
  • to what degree does a cloud strategy need a cloud-specific security strategy;
  • who’s responsible for what aspect of security in a cloud environment;
  • Phil’s biggest takeaway on security in the cloud; and
  • where the Path to Cloud series of videos goes from here.

All that and more in this edition of the Podcast.

Check out the Intel Path to Cloud video on security here:

Check out Intel’s whitepapers on security in the cloud here.

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