Kaseya expands Canadian presence further beyond IT Glue with new hiring and data centres featuring other Kaseya products

Holly Pateman, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing at Kaseya

Kaseya, which provides IT infrastructure and security management solutions for MSPs and SMBs, has announced an expansion of their Canadian staff based in their Canadian office in Vancouver, as well as an expansion of data centre facilities in Ontario and Quebec.

Kaseya’s physical presence in Canada until now has been principally based on its 2018 acquisition of IT Glue, the market leader in the IT documentation software space.

“We have had about 130 people in the Vancouver office, because of that big footprint from the acquisition of IT Glue,” said Holly Pateman, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing at Kaseya, who herself came to the company with IT Glue. “The Canadian physical presence used to be just IT Glue, but we are slowly but surely bringing in other products, starting with Unitrends [backup] and BMS [PSA].” The idea is to cover as many of Kaseya’s 27 IT Complete modules as possible. IT Glue, for instance, has three modules with slightly different functionality.

Pateman said that Kaseya is looking to fill 75 new positions in Canada by the end of 2022.

“This will include both sales and R&D positions with R&D being a big part of that,” Pateman said. “What is critical is that while much of our Canadian presence until now has been IT Glue, these new positions will be part of all the Kaseya product suites, not just IT Glue.”

In addition, in order to provide a world-class Center of Excellence in Vancouver, Kaseya will lease an additional 10,000 square feet in the Sun Tower in downtown Vancouver.

Pateman said that Kaseya’s business in Canada today is roughly proportional to the size of the Canadian market compared to the American.

“IT Glue gave us a head start in Canada, but there is definitely room for lots of expansion,” she said.

A key goal of the expansion is to better leverage the human tech resources available in the Vancouver area.

“There is huge dev talent in tech in Vancouver that we can use from an employee footprint perspective,” Pateman said. “There is no equivalent of the University of Waterloo in Ontario to feed businesses with a steady supply of skilled graduates, but there is a highly skilled pool of people in Vancouver from all over. It’s a very transient community. When IT Glue had only 80 or 90 people, they were from 15 different countries.”

Not all the Canadian expansion is focused on Vancouver. Kaseya is also announcing that it is expanding their presence in Ontario and Quebec in order to better serve Kaseya customers using non-IT Glue solutions.

Kaseya is now serving Unitrends and Spanning customers through two data centers located in Quebec and Ontario.

“Setting up and expanding new data centres will help us service our Canadian customer base,” Pateman said. “The data centre in Quebec is focused on Spanning [SaaS backup] and is an expansion our existing relationship with AWS there. The Unitrends data centre space in Ontario is a net-new for us.

“This is an exciting opportunity to bring more than just IT Glue into Canada,” Pateman concluded.