Infoblox 3.0 accelerates partner journey towards a cloud-first hybrid future

By Anthony James, VP of Product Marketing at Infoblox

Anthony James, vice president of product marketing at Infoblox

Around the world, businesses were thrown head-first into the pandemic and quickly realized that, in an era of near ubiquitous work from home, their  corporate networks were in dire need of cloud and hybrid modernization. As partners continue to connect their customers with solutions that help them build a safer future while also meeting present needs, Infoblox is pleased to announce Infoblox 3.0, a new strategy for the cloud-first, hybrid future. With Infoblox 3.0, Infoblox is uniting NIOS, the industry leading on-premises DDI solution, with the cloud-native BloxOne Threat Defense and BloxOne DDI platforms to help organizations bridge core networking and security into cloud environments that underpin the needs of the modern enterprise.

Infoblox 3.0 aims to deliver a secure cloud-first network experience for organizations everywhere. It does this by harnessing the industry’s leading DDI and DNS security solutions to enable on-premises, virtual, cloud and hybrid deployments, tailored to organizations’ network modernization needs. Enabling these deployments ensures customers can grow their networks in a way that is:

  • Simple: Automating and standardizing the delivery of cloud-first network experiences with the richest set of cloud-native APIs, integrations and contextual data available on the market
  • Reliable: Providing proven five-nines reliability for mission-critical networks, including the largest networks in the world, with the flexibility and cost efficiency of the cloud
  • Scalable: Delivering services when and where customers need them with a seamless, uniform experience
  • Secure: Enabling customers to automate anytime, anywhere foundational security for all users and devices with faster threat detection and remediation

Connecting the on-premises DDI capabilities of NIOS to BloxOne DDI and BloxOne Threat Defense gives existing customers an edge when building the hybrid and cloud-only DDI networks that modern enterprises need for workplace transformation. But it also gives other organizations and partners a viable option from which to embark on their cloud transformation journey, even if they are currently dependent on more traditional on-premise DDI solutions.

“We’re excited to see Infoblox deepen its push into cloud-first networking and foundational security because customers are eager for hybrid and cloud infrastructure deployments,” says Brian Hepburn, CEO of Empowered Networks. “We’re seeing organizations double down on these foundations for flexible work as they reopen campuses. Infoblox 3.0 provides channel partners the solutions they need for a customer base that continues to delve further into hybrid and cloud to build the infrastructure of now and tomorrow.”

As partners work to deliver solutions that drive the rising adoption of cloud and hybrid platforms with customers, Infoblox 3.0 provides a solution  to facilitate this change. Infoblox 3.0 enables organizations to reap the best of the on-premises and cloud worlds as they tailor networking and security for their cloud-first strategies and transformation. With this new strategy, Infoblox is enabling partners to be front-runners in providing customers the foundation they need — whether in the form of private clouds that remain on-premises, hybrid networks that combine data centers with cloud offerings, or fully cloud networks.