ServiceMax unveils partner program for its Salesforce platform introduced last year

ServiceMax introduced ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce last year, complementing their long-standing field service management platform, to build on the strong momentum the new platform is showing. Now they have introduced a new partner program to support it.

Field service management platform provider ServiceMax has launched their ServiceMax  Partner Xcellence Program to support the implementation partners who sell their ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce. This new offering is built on the Salesforce platform, was co-developed with Salesforce, and was introduced last fall.

“ServiceMax has been in business since 2007 and has always been a leader in providing asset-centric field service management,” said Toby Donald, VP of Professional Services and Global Alliances at ServiceMax. “Our customers in areas like life sciences, manufacturing and oil and gas have high value assets and highly complex service processes. We help customers build good services businesses with our platform.”

ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce is a separate offering natively built on the Salesforce platform, which was jointly developed with Salesforce and released in the fall of 2020. This is the first platform ServiceMax has introduced for a specific vendor, and it has done very well since it was introduced to the market.

The introduction of the new platform also gave ServiceMax the opportunity to design a focused channel program around it.

“We have always had a flavour of a channel, although we don’t sell licenses through the channel and have a direct selling motion for that,” Donald indicated. “But with the release of Asset 360 for Salesforce, we took the decision to bring absolute clarity in what we want from partners, which is where this program comes from. Because it was a new motion for the market, with new tools for application partners to implement, we took the decision to breathe new life into a channel and worked on this through Q3 and Q4.”

At launch, 45 partners are in the program, 60% of whom are new to ServiceMax. Those tend to be Salesforce specialists.

“It’s very much a ‘less is more’ ecosystem,” Donald noted. “It’s all about quality and fit.” The program organizes them into two tiers. Every partner joins at the standard tier, and there is a second tier that is earned based on experience and output.

The program is focused around implementation services, and the partners predominantly do implementation work. These range from GSIs like Accenture to regional Salesforce boutique firms like Uptima.

“From the beginning here, we tried to align with Salesforce on delivering field services,” Donald said.

Over 20 of the partners have been certified and over 400 individual resources are going through training. They go through an on-demand ServiceMax Asset 360 Training and Certification program.

“We knew we needed to go deep in the training so they truly learned the application,” Donald indicated. “It assures quality of outcome when someone is certified.”

Each partner also has a dedicated ServiceMax Partner Success Architect to support all aspects of enablement and implementation.

“Their role is to provide best practices mentorship and resources, as well as support, say if the partner is scoping an opportunity, and needs support on a demo,” Donald said.

The program also makes ServiceMax Implementation Advisory Services available.

“These services we sell to the partner to support customer implementation,” Donald stated. “We have created this series of offerings to enable partners to be successful.”

Finally, the program also features the ServiceMax Partner Community, a tool for sharing ideas, suggestions, best practices and general tips around ServiceMax Asset 360.

“It’s a forum where partners can go for information,” Donald said.