Finding opportunity in the transition to next-gen 911

rian Silverstone, vice president of sales for the Government of Canada and the Ottawa commercial business at Avaya Canada

Canada’s 911 emergency response system is in the midst of a major change, introducing more data and more communication channels to the vital lifesaving service.

In this edition of the podcast, we’re joined by Brian Silverston, vice president of sales for the government of Canada and the Ottawa commercial business at Avaya Canada, to discuss the transition, what it will mean to responders and those in need of help, and how IT solution providers can play a role.

We discuss:

  • where the technology’s at today, and how the 911 technology is evolving from only analog and voice today, to more channels and more data;
  • Avaya’s history in the current 911 technology stack;
  • how adding additional information to 911 call data and adding real-time text will transform how the system works;
  • the timeline and the deadline for the introduction of the next generation of 911;
  • why this has the potential to be “a Y2K moment” for the technology behind 911;
  • how Avaya and its partners are helping 911 service providers get ready for that deadline;
  • the technologies Avaya brings to the table for next-gen 911;
  • what skillets can partners bring to bear and what role can partners play; and
  • when the new system will come online.

All this and much more in this edition of the Podcast.


Robert Dutt

Robert Dutt is the founder and head blogger at He has been covering the Canadian solution provider channel community for a variety of publications and Web sites since 1997.