Panasonic launches new Toughbook S1 7-inch Android tablet for more demanding use cases

The TOUGHBOOK S1 is not a replacement for the TOUGHBOOK L1, which will continue to be sold, but it does have higher specs and is aimed at more demanding environments.

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK S1

Today, the Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Division of Panasonic Canada is launching the TOUGHBOOK S1, an all-new, fully rugged 7-inch Android tablet. It is not a replacement for an older model, and will be continue to be sold alongside the existing TOUGHBOOK L1, which is also a 7-inch fully rugged Android model. The difference between them is that the new TOUGHBOOK S1 has more demanding specs to address different use cases.

“This year, we are celebrating 25 years of Toughbook,” said Logan Stewart, Business Manager at Panasonic Canada. “As the mobile workforce grows, technology that supports it is increasingly in demand.”

The TOUGHBOOK S1 is designed for mobile workers in more challenging environments and conditions, especially in transportation and logistics, manufacturing and field services.

“Use cases include warehouse inventory management, including using the device across multiple shifts,” Stewart said. “In manufacturing, they are used in quality control production management, where there is a need for real time visibility and inventory, and in supporting production line tracking and machine maintenance.”

Stewart noted that in field services, the device will be used for outdoor inspection and repair, and supports applications ranging from proof of performance, inspection, scheduling, work order management, meter reading and gathering customer information.

“The TOUGHBOOK S1 comes in both gloved touch, and multi touch mode, as many customers use it while they are wearing gloves,” Stewart said. “It also comes with an exclusive rain mode that will let the device operate as intended. In addition, the device is designed to be easy to operate holding with one hand.” The back of the device also comes with a functional ergonomic grip.

The device is powered by a Qualcomm Octa Core SDM660  chipset, as well as by the Android 10 OS. The Android 10 OS has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, as well as a 13 MP Rear Camera. Other features include a 14-hour battery life and warm swap battery, and an outdoor-readable anti-glare screen. An optional barcode reader is available for integrated barcode scanning options in both landscape or portrait modes. With the battery pack, it weighs just under one pound [.94].

“There are also some interesting gadget options on the roadmap,” Stewart added.

Ruggedized features include IP65/67 dust and water resistance, and the ability to operate in extreme cold, -20°C (-4°F),  and extreme heat, 50°C (122°F). It has also been tested to ensure it can handle a 5’ drop test to concrete.

The S1 also enables both landscape and portrait modes, to give users the flexibility of viewing applications in the orientation that best fits their needs.