TIBCO rolls out new products around their market strategy

The new announcements fall under the blueprint areas of Any Data, HCI Analytics and the Responsive Application Mesh.

Nelson Petracek, TIBCO’s CTO

Today, on the second day of the TIBCO NOW virtual event, TIBCO is unveiling its new products to their customers. While there are actual new products, the big news here is more about the product strategy, and the blueprints the company has laid out to execute it.

“From a TIBCO standpoint, our Go-To-Market is around three areas – Connect Unify and Predict,” said Nelson Petracek, TIBCO’s Chief Technology Officer. “Connect is our integration business. Unify is Data Management, and Predict is Analytics. There are themes under each. Last year’s three themes were AI as a foundation, open platform and cloud native, and those themes guided our development.

This year, the themes are different.

“The first is the ability to connect to Any Data –  any data, any source, at any speed,” Petracek said. “We are also talking about Real Time, as we see a resurgence of people wanting to do that. That’s not new, but a lot of organizations have forgotten about it. We are reminding the market that it is our core DNA. The last one is Connected Experience. When customers and partners use our products they can combine capabilities more seamlessly, there are things we can do on the product side to make that easier.”

In the Any Data area, TIBCO is announcing the launch of the TIBCO Any Data Hub, an all-encompassing data management blueprint that embraces distributed data environments. The framework offers necessary capabilities to support the demand for accurate and consistent data across the organization with trust and control, aligning IT and the business.

“The Data Hub is an architectural pattern, a blueprint in terms of how organizations deploy data – don’t think of it as a product,” Petracek said. “In the past data was an afterthought, now it’s the core of most conversations. Data virtualization is one approach to helping building out a data hub, so this is closely aligned with our Data Virtualization product. But it is also aligned with data governance, data management, and data privacy, and all have to be incorporated into a Data Hub.” The Data Hub’s function is to unify all the tools and approaches needed to create a complete and cohesive data picture

A key product within the Any Data Hub strategy is the recently released TIBCO Data Virtualization 8.3, which offers a series of enhancements that enable customers to break down data silos and present a unified view of data. This version supports a significantly expanded set of data adapters, and can now connect to over 300+ data sources including support for streaming sources such as Kafka, OSIsoft, and OPC Unified Architecture. It is now also available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, joining the AWS Marketplace.

TIBCO Hyperconverged Analytics is the second blueprint, for the Predict portfolio, to address the Real Time requirements created by the need to analyze the growing accumulation of data in real time.

“HCI Analytics is also a best practice rather than a product,” Petracek said.  “It is a combination of capabilities. We have very rich immersive capabilities, streaming analytics capabilities, and also data science analytics around things like data pipelines and AutoML. Other companies have these, but no one but us has all three. That is what is really unique here. We combine them all into a single analytical capability, which is HCI analytics .”

The actual products here are TIBCO Spotfire 11 and TIBCO Cloud Data Streams. Spotfire 11 beefs up the Spotfire analytics software with the release of Spotfire Mods.

“Spotfire Mods allows a customer to extend our product with their own purpose-built analytics and virtual experience,” Petracek indicated.

“We have had Spotfire Data Streams for a while,” he added. “TIBCO Cloud Data Streams allows you to consume this BI on the TIBCO Cloud.” This makes it easier for customers to consume streaming data.

The third blueprint is the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh, which enhances the Connected Experience.

“Responsive Application Mesh is the blue print for our Connect  portfolio,” Petracek said. “The product announcements here support the development of the applications that follow this blueprint.”

TIBCO Cloud Integration – Big Basin Release is one of these products. It lets customers monitor applications in a single view, whether they are on-prem, cloud, or hybrid. Additional enhancements include a new unified dashboard experience and the addition of a marketplace for connectivity discovery. It has also been natively integrated with WorkFusion Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Petracek termed TIBCO BusinessEvents 6 a major new release of this product. It provides contextual event processing for the cloud-native world, contextually processing business events in real time and at maximum scale in the cloud. This version has greatly upgraded performance, and support for Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Ignite.

TIBCO Cloud Mesh is a new integrated service which lets users create and discover assets from anywhere and to anywhere in TIBCO Cloud, such as APIs, flows, events, or integrations. This allows businesses to register, discover, and reuse the assets to support more streamlined and rapid application development and deployment.

Finally, TIBCO BPM Enterprise 5, which provides deep digital process automation at hyperscale, supports an all-new user experience and can be deployed natively as containers on cloud platforms.

“This is a major evolution of the BPM management platform,” Petracek stated.

Petracek said that all three sets of announcements should excite channel partners – depending on their particular focus.

“If the partner is focused around data science, the HCI Analytics will be the hot topic for them,” he said. “If they are focused on data management, they will like the Any Data Hub announcements, and if they are focused on API integration, they will like the new announcements around the Responsive Application Mesh. Of course Any Data Hub and the HCI Analytics will be the coolest, because they are the newest.”