Netenrich bolsters security credentials with new Attack Surface Intelligence offering and free global threat intelligence feed

Knowledge Now, the free global threat intelligence tool, is designed to provide actionable intelligence, while Attack Surface Intelligence provides a hacker’s view of the customer’s environment, and indicating problem areas and how to fix them.

Justin Crotty, Senior Vice President at NetEnrich

Netenrich has been a major player in the optimization of IT operations for many years. More recently, they have broadened that into what they term Resolution Intelligence with the addition of a deep focus around security. Now, they have enhanced their security capabilities with a pair of new offerings. Attack Surface Intelligence [ASI] helps organizations reduce their dynamic attack surface with AI-driven monitoring and discovery. It is complemented by Knowledge Now (KNOW), a free global threat intelligence tool which also serves as a pre-sales tool to impress upon SecOps people Netenrich’s credentials in the security space.

“Our primary focus until recently has been IT operations and the efficient management of hybrid IT infrastructures across the technology stack,” said Justin Crotty, Senior Vice President at NetEnrich. “We go in and assist IT by helping them modernize and transform their operations. We also have a large business through large regional and national MSPs, and a shared workload model to transform managed service delivery capabilities.”

NetEnrich’s presence in security is more recent, but has now become a critical part of their value proposition.

“We have made a lot of investment in the last two and a half years in the managed security business, and have been driving more product and security operations,” Crotty said. “We use the term Resolution Intelligence, which refers to how we help an enterprise or an MSP serving large customers transform their security experience while driving automation and digital transformation for them. It’s a combination of data, platform and human intelligence. Digital transformation isn’t a single outcome. It’s about how we help these organizations be more efficient and effective in delivering digital outcomes.”

KNOW provides free global threat information that NetEnrich says will let analysts learn about, search, and gain context into malicious activity up to 15x faster.

“KNOW is a free aggregated feed of globally procured data and insights from the Internet, the Dark Web and the Deep Web,” Crotty said. “It’s more than a news feed. It’s an educational feed that provides actionable intelligence. A client or a partner can feed it into SecOps tool sets to drive identification. That actionable intelligence is the differentiator from other feeds.”

Much of the IT industry tends to have the view that free products don’t offer much value, but Crotty said that NetEnrich has a clear objective in giving this useful tool away.

“We are trying to be a good global citizen, although we are not in the charity business,” he said. “We do believe however that SecOps professionals who consume KNOW will view it positively and talk about some of the other capabilities we can bring to the table. In that sense, KNOW provides a lead generation capability for us to establish minds of SecOps that we can bring value. It makes them think of us as a world-class security business. That’s a business that we have only been in for 2-3 years. We want to establish ourselves in people’s minds as a security leader.”

ASI is designed to lets security teams continuously see what their adversaries see, and is strengthened by NetEnrich’s SOCs constantly inputting information into the tool.

“ASI takes the approach of a hacker and you gives a hacker’s view of your environment, showing where are the holes and gaps are and how to remedy them,” Crotty said. “It can be completely automated or combined with Human Intelligence.

Crotty also emphasized that ASI goes far beyond pen testing and vulnerability testing, and really represents the next iteration of those kinds of offerings.

“Those are one-time pings,” he said. “ASI is an always-on solution with a lot of the identification and analysis and some of the remediation being automated.”

Both of these new offerings are complete net-news for NetEnrich, and are designed to enhance an organization’s security operations capability.

“What we have had in this area before is 24/7 managed SOC and managed SIEM offerings,” Crotty said. “They are complementary to a security operations capability. In our experience, in most instances an enterprise or a partner delivering SIEMs are underoptimized They may require additional skills or help optimizing. ASI and KNOW can be additional value to SOC and SIEM teams to help them respond to those threats.”

Crotty emphasized that these new tools will put money directly into partners’ pockets.

“Partner CEOs and senior management teams are always excited about making more money, better margins, getting new customers, and driving more profitability,” he said. “ASI leverages functionality and makes them more efficient and effective at delivering complex services in the security space. Many partners cobble together solutions, and struggle reaching scalability. We can help them bring the right solutions to their customers and handle the scale gaps that they might have.”