Naveego expands from providing data quality to offering full cloud-native integration platform

Naveego supplements its Master Data Management capabilities with broader data integration ones that make Naveego a complete data integration solution and let them get in front of customers they missed in the past.

Naveego, a startup which has been focused on cloud-based Data Quality Solutions that detect and eliminate data quality issues across systems, is broadening out into the larger data integration market. The new release of their Complete Data Accuracy Platform adds end-to-end, self-service data integration with the MDM [Master Data Management] capabilities they have always provided.

Katie Horvath, Naveego’s CEO

“Data has become even more critical to try and keep us all tied together,” said Katie Horvath, Naveego’s CEO. “We need to make sure that everyone has the same set of facts. It’s critical that there be a solution that lifts data out of legacy platforms and makes it available to a distributed workforce. We take data from all the different groups across different businesses, and wrangle it into a golden record that’s cleansed. That’s the new normal, to provide solutions where data is in sync, whether it is on prem or remote.”

This release differs from its predecessors in that expansion into the broader data integration market.

“We are shifting our focus into being a full integration platform from MDM and data quality,” said Derek Smith, Naveego’s founder and CTO. “We will take care of all their data needs by positioning ourselves as a full cloud-native integration platform.”

That’s a major pivot for Naveego, which comes at the cost of losing the distinctiveness that it had had in the market.

“We kept ourselves away from the data integration message just for that reason,” Horvath said. “But the truth is that we started to feel we should go after this market. First, we were missing people in the purchasing cycle where they had an integration problem. They would think about that instead of looking for a golden record to make their data consistent. Second, people had purchased integration solutions, but the way it was brought together made everything still a complete mess.”

“We still have the advantage that our competitors on the integration side are more focused on data integration, and not MDM,” Smith added. “There are also very few cloud-native platforms who do all of that.”

With the new release, the platform now greatly expands its comprehensive data integration and replication capabilities, to allow Naveego to be a complete data integration solution for ETL/ELT requirements.

“Expanding more transactional data integrations will make it easy for businesses to create a logical data model and deliver it to data lakes,” Smith said.

Derek Smith, Naveego’s CTO

“We have also revamped the platform to have a task-oriented user experience instead of just a resource-oriented one,” Smith continued. “It has also been redesigned so that it doesn’t require any technical skill to use. This brings self service data integration to anyone. That’s especially important with COVID-19, where getting data from on-prem to cloud with no code writing is important. You don’t need highly trained staff. You can also set us up in a week or less – not months or years.”

New data compliance features have also been added to support GDPR privacy requirements and a customer’s ‘right to be forgotten’ and have their data deleted.

“We have also enhanced security by rolling out new features like Data Masking and Obfuscation to reduce exposure and protect data in case of a breach,” Smith said. “Users can still make sense of data but not get full access to it. We also make more use of cloud vendor hosted environments – Azure, AWD Google, Ranger, and more recently Oracle and Aunalytics.”

“We are working a lot with Oracle’s cloud team, and were one of the first offerings in their cloud marketplace,” Horvath said. “We love their marketing machine getting behind us. We address use cases of getting data for analytics ready to go in real time, and also making data for a data lake usable and not just a dumping ground to empty data silos. Aunalaytics is a smaller Midwest company where we address similar use cases, although it is a different type of organization.”

Naveego originally began selling entirely through channel partners, but has broadened that out as well during the past two years, with their strategic partnerships and a direct sales component.

“We have been getting success both from direct sales and partners,” Horvath said. “We have also had a shift in partners in which partners who have a product offering next to us – analytics or data lake providers – are getting traction. We used to rely more heavily on service integration partners. We are also now moving into larger enterprise type deals as well as compliance related ones, and are seeing a lot of adoption in health care, insurance and financial services.”