Infoblox adds new logo benefit for partners as part of new incentive rollout

The new logo partner benefit complements an existing spiff for individual salespeople.

Sandy Janes, Infoblox’s Worldwide Director, Partner Programs and Operations

Today, security vendor Infoblox is announcing a series of new channel incentives. The key one is a new logo discount – which will be double digits in percentage – for all new customer wins approved through Infoblox’s deal registration program. Other initiatives include expanded incentives around their Work From Home deployments, and the company has also made new investments in channel personnel and resources.

Infoblox originally started out as a pioneer in the DNS networking space, and made a logical expansion from there into DNS security. More recently they have expanded their DNS into what they call Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services.

“We started as a DNS leader, and used that to branch into security, but have made a heavy pivot to subscription and cloud and now into SaaS,” said Sandy Janes, Infoblox’s Worldwide Director, Partner Programs and Operations.

The channel has been a consistent element in Infoblox’s strategy during these pivots.

“95% of what we transact goes through partners,” Janes said. “That will continue with SaaS and subscription. We have made a conscious commitment there.”

Today Infoblox has approximately 1000 partners globally.

“A lot of them are traditional networking partners, but as we moved into security, we recruited those with a security mindset, Janes indicated.

Janes described the new partner enablement initiatives as an expansion of their BuildingBLOX partner program.

“We consider this an expansion of the program,” she said. “One of our guiding principles with the BuildingBLOX program is consistency. We have our core program which remains stable, and we continue to add on it. Last year. We launched a federal program, and then a professional services program last November. The latter is available in a modular format. Partners aren’t forced to take complete end-to- end training, but the training they do decide to take is same as our internal people take.”

The most significant of the new initiatives is a new double-digit percentage off the net contract value for all new customer wins that go through Infoblox’s deal registration program.

“We already had a spiff for partner reps that brought in a new logo – our Triple Play initiative – which can bring the partner up to $13,000,” Janes said. “In the current environment, we wanted a more aggressive strategy.”

The new initiative, which has been operational since May 1, provides incentives to the partner company, in addition to the continuing salesperson spiff, when the partner identifies a new logo and successfully hunts the opportunity.

“This expansion of the new logo bonus now provides the partner with an additional discount on the front end of the deal,” Janes stated.

The professional services offering introduced late last year is also being expanded, although this won’t impact partners in Canada or the U.S. unless they have global practices.

“We are continuing to roll the professional services offering out, now into EMEA and APJ, with additional resources to support it,” Janes said.

New incentives and pricing for have also been added to deals around Work From Home deployments.

“This product [BloxONE Threat Defense] was actually put in place last June, well before the pandemic,” Janes noted.  “We are just packaging it up to help partners and customers protect remote employees. With our DNS network focus, we see a lot of the heartbeat of what’s going on in an organization.”

Janes also emphasized that Infoblox continues to expand channel resources.

“We have expanded the number of channel account managers, made additional investments in channel marketing, and expanded our partner advisory board.”