IT Glue announces product enhancements, roadmap elements at GlueX

Specific product enhancements announced at GlueX include a new Dark Mode interface and improvements to their passwords functionality.

On the second day of IT Glue’s GlueX user conference at the Phoenician Resort in Phoenix Arizona, the Vancouver-based IT documentation provider announced enhancements to the product. They also provided road map information about what’s coming next.

IT Glue joined multiple other vendors who have introduced an optional Dark Mode interface, which has a ‘cool’ aspect to it.This was one of the most highly requested features by IT Glue partners.

“In addition to the cool factor, some people say that it is easier on the eyes, especially in a really dark environment,” said Nadir Merchant, IT Glue’s General Manager, who was introduced to the IT Glue user community for the first time yesterday as the new leader of the Kaseya-owned organization.. “The key thing though is that if people like it and enjoy using it, and that gets them to document more, it will add more value for the MSPs who will use the tool.”

Several security enhancements which improve automation around passwords were announced, with more coming.

“We have a slew of things around password management that we are either announcing now, or as something on the roadmap,” Merchant said. “A big one is Password folders, which will help MSPs organize passwords better. This is something that they can do now, but Password folders will give them more control over how things are organized, especially if they have thousands of passwords in IT Glue.”

The Password folders let MSPs segment passwords within specific folders for an extra level of granularity. They can also set permissions on a folder-level and have them cascade down.

“We are also announcing an integration with Quickpass, which will simplify password resets by enabling automatic resets of passwords in Active Directory,” Merchant indicated. “The next version will sync passwords to do automatic Active Directory resets right from within IT Glue.”

Coming in the next quarter is IT Glue Vault.

“This ensures that the MSP can control the encryption being used and guarantees that IT Glue cannot access that password,” Merchant said. “There are some other tools that do this in the MSP community, but we think that they are less elegant than this.”

Unlike at last year’s event, IT Glue is now officially a Kaseya company, and one of the implicit themes of this year’s event is that the Kaseya ownership will make no different in the product roadmap or in the ability of MSPs to work with non-Kaseya tools.

“The roadmap is totally independent of Kaseya,” Merchant said. “Partners understand that we aren’t making any changes that will hurt their ability to use any tools they like outside the Kaseya ecosystem.”

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