Talking cloud with four Canadian Ingram Micro Cloud Summit X award winners

Martin DeRosiers, CEO of Nucleus Networks (centre)

As Ingram Micro Cloud Summit X comes to a close, and Canadian partners make their way home from San Diego, the Podcast brings you one more edition from Summit, talking to four Canadian award winners about their own cloud journeys and their Cloud Summit experience.

First, we talk to Martin DeRosiers, CEO of Nucleus Networks, Ingram Micro’s global Breadth Partner of the Year winner, the only Canadian partner to earn an award on the global stage. We talk about Nucleus’ history in the cloud, which dates back to the original days of Microsoft’s BPOS, and see where it’s gone from there.

Kan Choi, director of fulfillment, inventory and logistics at Softchoice (third from left)

Then, we chat with Kan Choi, director of fulfillment, inventory and logistics at Softchoice, the winner of Ingram Canada’s MVP award at the conference.

Choi offers thoughts including why traditional solutions selling doesn’t necessarily fit in the cloud market where customer experience is key, how the company approaches change management around cloud internally, and how they vet their cloud vendors.

Choi also offers why he sees Softchoice at all four levels of Ingram Micro’s Cloud Awesomeness Roadmap.

Monica Conlon, business development manager for Sysgen Solutions Group (centre)

Third, we sit down with Monica Conlon, business development manager for SysGen Solutions Group, Ingram Canada’s Office 365 Partner of the Year.

Conlon, a first-time Cloud Summit attendee, discusses SysGen’s past and future in the cloud, why she feels customers are more open than ever to cloud-based solutions, and how she sees cloud fitting into the broader conversation of digital transformation.

Conlon also addresses why the solution provider works with Ingram Micro Cloud, and how they add innovation to the company’s customers.

Felix Houde, CEO of FXTI (third from left)

Finally, we meet Felix Houde, CEO of Montreal-based FXTI, Ingram Canada’s Growth Partner of the Year. And considering the kind of growth numbers many cloud partners are showing, we’re curious to know how one has to grow to win this award. It turns out that having big clients going from dormant to very active can play an important role.

Houde also offers his thoughts on the role of marketing in selling cloud solutions and shares how his company is looking to improve its marketing skillset. He also offers a self-assessment on how FXTI fits into Ingram’s cloud maturity structure, and how it’s grown within that structure over the last year.

All that and more in this edition of the Podcast.


Robert Dutt

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