Kaspersky Lab upgrades web traffic security within Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is a complete rewrite of the code base of the prior application in the Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway, which adds additional security engines and the latest machine learning and deep learning technologies.

Kaspersky Lab has announced Kaspersky Web Traffic Security, a new application in the Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway solution that reinforces web gateways and protects proxy servers.

Technically, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is not a net-new product, but in terms of what’s under the covers, it is, said Andrey Pozhogin, cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab.

“Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway has been in our portfolio for a long time, and we had an application that provided this functionality for it before, particularly around protection for multiple proxy server applications,” Pozhogin said. “However, as we updated the application to incorporate new technology and new advances, we found that such a big portion of the code base was being rewritten from scratch that we are treating it as a new product.”

Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is designed to add a risk-mitigation layer of defense by stopping threats at the point when they attempt to penetrate the network, and before they even reach employee endpoints.

“The proxy server is an ideal place to put a security product that is able to deal with traffic,” Pozhogin said. “This provides the proxy server with protection.”

In terms of the application’s functionality, Pozhogin said that the big changes are that it simply does more things than it does before, as well as doing them better.

Andrey Pozhogin, cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab

“We have many more security engines packaged in than before, and they reflect the newest deep learning technology, so they perform at a higher efficacy rate than they did before,” he indicated. “In addition to the machine learning-based anti-malware engine, the multiple engines now include an anti-phishing engine, a URL checker and a Web control feature to manage the categories of sites people can visit. Each of those modules will process part of the traffic. There is also emulated sandboxing, and reputation-based filtering, and we detect and check scripts as well. Anything that crosses the perimeter will be checked.”

The new application also adds SIEM integration with products like LogRhythm and Splunk to add gateway security context to the infrastructure-wide view of security events.

Pozhogin said that the significant upgrade in the web traffic security application’s functionality should appeal to Kaspersky channel partners.

“Web traffic security greatly increases security for the perimeter, so the partner can work with the customer to better protect every single node,” he stated. “This also provides much better protection for the proxy part of the network. It’s designed to be delivered by MSPs, so has multi-tenancy support and flexible licensing. And it’s more effective. That means happier customers, which in turn means happier partners.”

Kaspersky Internet Gateway Security, which includes the new Kaspersky Web Traffic Security application, can be purchased separately or as part of Kaspersky Total Security for Business.