Ivanti announces a pair of key solution integrations

The new version of Ivanti Automation [acquired last year from RES] is the first that is fully integrated with the other Ivanti solutions, while Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager, brings together the old Landesk Endpoint Manager and the Ivanti Environment Manager Policy, a former AppSense product.

Reza Parsia, Ivanti’s VP of channel sales for North America

Ivanti, the digital workplace company created by the 2016 merger of Landesk and HEAT, which has united multiple firms and product sets from acquisitions shortly before and since that merger, has made two solutions announcements which reflect the continued integrations of all the acquired entities. First, they announced the availability of a new version of Ivanti Automation, which is the first version since this product line was acquired last year with RES Software to be integrated with the other Ivanti solutions. Secondly, they announced Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager, which integrates the features of Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by Landesk, with Ivanti Environment Manager Policy, powered by AppSense.

“These announcements are all about uniting and simplifying things by building an ecosystem of services and software, continuing the path that we have been on for a while here,” said Reza Parsia, Ivanti’s VP of channel sales for North America.

Ivanti Automation unites the infrastructure, cloud and workspace processes that support and deliver IT services to the business on a single platform, and is free for new and existing customers with current maintenance agreements. It now automates routine and manual tasks across the company’s portfolio, and can also automate multiple on-prem infrastructure processes and tools, as well as multiple public cloud services like Amazon and Microsoft Azure. The integration with third-party technologies is supported through pre-built connectors and add-ons available in the Ivanti Marketplace.

“This has been a standalone product since the acquisition, but it is now integrated into the Ivanti security stack and the asset management and endpoint management portfolios,” Parsia said. “It’s the integration piece into the rest of the portfolio, automates across all these other areas. It now automating these unified siloes, pulling them all into one unified entity, which it now does for the first time.”

Parsia said that this new version of the product has been resonating really well with customers.

“They are managing complex hybrid environments with less and less resources than ever,” he said. “This helps them break free of manual time consuming tasks. By unifying processes and automating them, we improve their collaboration. They can see better business performance, enable greater process alignment and get a standard version of automation across our entire platform. At our Interchange customer event in May, customers talked constantly about automation.”

Partners also see great value in this, no matter what part of the portfolio they specialize in, Parsia added.

“They are always trying to improve enablement,” he said. “No matter where their focus, whether service management, digital workspace or something else, automation is a natural part of the process. All of our partners are starting to see this.”

Ivanti Automation is available now.

The other announcement creates a brand new product in Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager. It integrates the features of Ivanti Endpoint Manager, powered by Landesk, with Ivanti Environment Manager Policy, powered by AppSense, to allow highly granular co-management of diverse endpoints from a common console.

Landesk acquired Appsense in early 2016, so this integration has been over two years in the making.

“We were very careful when the companies came together to ensure customers had what they needed and that nothing was changed quickly,” Parsia said. “Both products remained separate. It took longer to bring them together, but it was done so out of calculation.” For customers who still don’t want to move off the old products right away, these will continue to remain in place, and will be supported

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager provides a common workflow and management view, with comprehensive features for device discovery, inventory and configuration management, OS provisioning, software distribution and PC and Mac remote control.

“The big advantage for the customer is that the joint solution will be more efficient, and integrated into rest of the portfolio,” Parsia said. “It will let them scale their business and manage it more efficiently going forward.”

He also indicated that the response from partners to the new offering has also been extremely positive.

“This was a common ask from the channel community,” he said.

Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager is available now.

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