ESET examines enterprise threatscape

Security is foundational to IT solutions both new and existing, and the environment for malware and other attacks has never been more complex. With an ever-growing array of more and more complex threats in mind, ESET researcher Tony Anscombe and his team offer this white paper, which takes a comprehensive look at the threats facing your customers today.

The report takes readers through a 30,000-foot view of the security landscape today, including the rapidly rising number of both total vulnerabilities, and high-severity threats. It then goes deeper on some of today’s biggest threats, including the vulnerabilities behind the massive ransomware attacks of the last year, this year’s Meltdown and Spectre security flaws in CPU architectures, and threats to connected infrastructure dating back to Stuxnet. 

It then lays down the best practices you need to provide best-in-class protection to your customers infrastructure against today’s threats and those of the future.

Whether beefing up security is new on your roadmap and you need the full backstory on today’s malware environment, or you’re a battle-proven security expert honing your toolset against bad actors, this white paper is worth a read. 

Check out the ESET white paper on enterprise security here or visit to learn more.