Acronis partners with Google Cloud, with integrations coming soon

Support for the Google Cloud will be integrated into each Acronis solution at their next release, and Acronis will release a specific backup for Google’s G Suite before the first half of the year ends.

Acronis President John Zanni

Backup vendor Acronis has announced a new strategic partnership. Acronis becomes a Google reseller. Acronis will also extend support for Google Cloud workloads, offer a Google Cloud deployment model for the Acronis Backup management server, and enable the use of Google Cloud Platform for disaster recovery. Specific integrations with Acronis backup solutions, as well as Acronis support for Google’s G Suite, will be coming soon.

“This is a very significant announcement for us,” said John Zanni, Acronis’ President, “Google Cloud is a widely used product – from very small business all the way to large enterprises. However, many small and medium businesses show a preference for it, and this happens to be our sweet spot in the market, which makes it a no-brainer choice. Google has a market with larger channels – telcos – and we will work with Google in those channels as well and offer them our backup capabilities.” Google also has a significant number of mid-market customers, and Acronis expects to increase their penetration here as well.

The integration will mean faster upload speeds for customers, as well as an increase in the number of cloud regions where Acronis’ partners and customers can store their data, to accommodate both regulations and customer preferences around data sovereignty. It should also help users reduce their Recovery Time Objectives and achieve Service Level Agreement targets, especially in disaster recovery situations.

“It also means that customers and partners both have additional flexibility to store and backup their data,” Zanni said. “By working more closely with Google, we create a much richer experience for them as well.”

Zanni noted that many of their existing customers had specifically asked for this integration, in order to increase their options, and that Acronis expects it to attract new customers too.

“We believe that this will bring in a significant number of folks by offering them best-in-class backup solutions with this public cloud,” he said.

The partnership is in place. The full-blown integration between the Acronis in Google offerings is not, as of today, but Zanni said that it won’t be far off.

“It’s hard work,” he said. The plan is for full Google support to be made available in each Acronis product at their next scheduled release.

Zanni said that Acronis will also fully support Google’s G Suite, the same way that they support Office 365 today, before the first half of 2018 ends.

“We decided to create a backup for Office 365 first, and the plan was to do G Suite next,” he said. “Working more closely with Google here will create a much richer experience for users.”