CommScope looks to bring wireless partners into enterprise infrastructure with new program

CommScope is looking to deepen enterprise penetration in the infrastructure business for their digital distributed antenna systems, with a new program to train partners on designing and building in-building wireless.

An access point in CommScope’s flagship ION-E wireless solution

CommScope is looking to strengthen their enterprise infrastructure business by equipping its channel partners to integrate in-building wireless industry services. To do that, they are now providing an In-building Wireless Sales Specialist authorization to North American structured cabling installer partners in their PartnerPRO Network. Authorized partners will be able to offer CommScope’s digital distributed antenna system [DAS] solutions to customers, provide solution pricing, and design and install the supporting in-building wireless infrastructure.

CommScope has been in business for over 40 years, and plays in four major areas: enterprise structured cabling solutions, through their SYSTIMAX line; data centre connectivity; cable TV coax supplies; and the  wireless area, which originally came from the acquisition of Andrew in 2007.

“Our wireless products are known for their quality and reliability, as well as our breadth of portfolio, while allows us to serve as a one-stop shop,” said JP Compagnucci, Market Development Global Leader, CommScope.

With this new initiative, CommScope is equipping their partner network to better support enterprise infrastructure solutions.

“Historically, our partners worked with carriers and helped in the enterprise market, but our model is now about increasing more channels, and that is what the program is about,” Compagnucci said. “The purpose of the program is to get enterprise cabling installers to be able to offer wireless installs. By having partners bring in wireless solutions, we believe that they will be able to further develop them into the enterprise. The program is thus adapting to changes in the market, with the increased emphasis on cellular mobility inside enterprise space and its impact on productivity.”

CommScope also sees an opportunity in an enterprise in-building enterprise wireless market where carriers had previously been strong.

“The carriers were building wireless solutions in the Tier One enterprise, but that has been changing, and it is a key reason why we are now targeting the enterprise,” Compagnucci said. “The carriers aren’t investing as much in wireless today as they are pursuing other investments.”

CommScope already has a channel program for installers, and it includes wireless installs. The difference is that that program is not laser-focused on the enterprise as this one is.

“This new program is really about the enterprise,” Compagnucci said.

The new program has a mandatory training requirement. Once it is completed, and a partner is authorized, they will be able to collaborate with CommScope and each other.

“They need to show commitment,” Compagnucci stated.

Out of the gate, eight authorized partners have been announced as Wireless Sales Specialists:  Sturgeon Electric [Henderson, CO]; Network Controls and Electric, Inc. [Greer, SC]; Kearney Electric Communications [Phoenix, AZ]; Direct Line Communications [Fremont, CA]; Premiere Communications & Consulting, Inc. [Raleigh, NC]; McKinstry Co. [Seattle, WA]; TeamLINX LLP [Denver, CO]; and E2 Optics [Englewood, CO].

Compagnucci indicated that there are a lot of other partners in the pipeline looking to get authorization.

“In addition to the eight on board now, dozens more will be authorized in the near future,” he said.