Sennheiser unveils their first deal registration program for North America

The deal reg discount comes bundled with a permanent spiff for completion of a registered deal, and Sennheiser says that some interesting new products in the new year will add to the program’s value.

Dawn Birr, Channel Manager, Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions

Audio solutions vendor Sennheiser has launched its first deal registration program for its Enterprise Solutions partners selling into the commercial space. In addition to a maximum of 15 per cent in deal registration margin, Sennheiser is providing a spiff bonus when a registered deal closes. The program, available through a new portal, is available to Sennheiser partners in both the U.S. and Canada.

In an audio solutions market dominated by three large players, Sennheiser is the last of them to introduce a deal registration program for North America.

“We did not have a deal registration program before this,” said Dawn Birr, Channel Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Sennheiser. “It was all informal, with no actual structure in place before now. Our partners told us that it had become an expectation. So we responded to that and designed what we consider to be one of the best programs on the market.”

Partners who register their deals can receive up to a 15 per cent discount on qualifying deals in Canada and the U.S which involve more than 50 business users. The specific margin is determined by a variety of factors.

“The exact amount all depends on the parameters,” Birr said. “This includes the size of the opportunity and the specific product. Everything is determined on a case by case basis.”

Birr said that Sennheiser’s objective is to reach a decision on approval of all deals within 48 business hours, and that pre-sales support will be provided once a deal is registered. The program allows a 6 month window for the registered deal to actually close, and once it closes within that 6 months, the price will be honored for a year. It is accessed through a new portal, at

Sennheiser is also adding a little bonus to the program. Each approved registered deal that closes will earn the registered partner a Sennheiser MB 660 business headset with adaptive active noise cancellation. Birr indicated that the spiff isn’t a limited time bonus.

“For now, we consider it a permanent part of the program,” she said.

Birr indicated that the new deal registration program is of central importance in the company’s channel strategy.

“Our goal is to provide an equal opportunity for all of our partners to make the largest margin possible,” she stated. “As we move forward into the new year, we will also be unveiling some interesting new products, which will make the deal registration even more valuable.”