ViewSonic unveils new lineup of flat panel displays, projectors, and large format displays

The newly announced ViewSonic products will be available in Canada in July.

The ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550

ViewSonic has announced an array of new display solution products focused on the commercial market, which include several firsts for the company. They include their first 75 inch 4K displays and a new model in their brand new CRM Professional series of commercial displays.

“We are known for our desktop monitors, and they do make up 70 per cent of our business in Canada, but we also have a lot of cool AV products, like the UltraThrow projector, that we have never had in the past,” said Noah Jacobs, National Business Manager for ViewSonic Canada.

ViewSonic announced two new ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panel Displays, the 75-inch IFP7550 and the 86-inch IFP8650.

“This is the first 75 inch model we have ever had in 4K,” Jacobs said. “We now have a display offering from 17 to 98 inches and everything in between. We truly are the Swiss army knife of displays.”

Both of the new models are optimized for additional collaboration with a 20-point touch-enabled screen.

“Collaborative displays between 55 and 84 inches have traditionally had 10-points of touch, meaning that they could handle 10 fingers touching them at a time,” Jacobs indicated. “20 points, which is new technology, supports 20 fingers at once. While it won’t be on all our displays soon, we are extending it onto the higher end models. It’s very important for ViewSonic in the education market in the U.S., although not so much in Canada yet because of budgetary issues in the public schools. In Canada, the market for these is more in private schools.”

ViewSonic also announced a series of commercial-grade digital signage products: the 43-inch CDE4803, the 55-inch CDE5502, CDX5552, CDM5500 models, and the 98-inch CDP9800. The CDE series is ‘commercial light,’ designed to run 16 hours a day 7 days a week, while the CDX is the high end, a true video wall series.

“The CDM series is brand new, and is our Professional series, with a duty cycle of 24×7 – and a 7 day timer,” Jacobs said. “We deal with many smaller resellers with smaller customers, and sometimes these customers just want a couple of monitors to show what they have on their Web page. These have an embedded Chrome browser in the unit to point to the website. We are really excited about these.”

All the ViewSonic CDE and CDM models with 43 inch and larger screens come with on-site warranty.

ViewSonic also announced new Ultra-Short Throw and Laser-Based Projectors, the PS750W and LS830 respectively.

“The Ultra-Short Throw projectors can provide a 100 foot image set up only two feet from the wall,” Jacobs said. “These are good in education, because the teacher isn’t blinded by a projector six feet away from the wall. They are also used in digital signage.”

Jacobs stressed that driving deeper into the AV space and the AV channel are top ViewSonic priorities.

“We are an IT company breaking into the AV channel,” he said. “Because of that, we rely a lot on our AV Solutions program for our channel partners to help us be competitive.” It provides for both front and back-end margins, special pricing allowances and incentives, direct sales access, a bounty program, demo and eval units, lead generation tools, comprehensive training, an extended warranty, and customizable marketing collateral.

Jacobs noted that the program has had different iterations before, but has effectively been Canadianized since said Deidre Deacon, was appointed ViewSonic Canada’s General Manager last fall.

“The changes to the program began late last year, and started to roll out in January,” he said.