Webroot targets different partner segments with three new product announcements

Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection is aimed at the SMB MSP market, while Webroot FlowScape Analytics is more for MSSPs and Webroot BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection is primarily an OEM play.

Charlie Tomeo, Webroot’s VP of Worldwide Business Sales

Security vendor Webroot has announced the expansion of its platform with three new products, two of which are newly developed and the third of which has its origins in technology imported through an acquisition.

The brand new ones are Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection, and Webroot BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection. Webroot FlowScape Analytics came from the acquisition of CyberFlow in September 2016, and has now been integrated into the Webroot portfolio and their Threat Intelligence platform.

Webroot, which started off in life selling exclusively direct, has had a 100 per cent channel model for years, both through traditional resellers and the MSP market. Today, they have north of 8000 MSPs, and strategic relationships with ConnectWise, Continuum, Kaseya, Atera, and NinjaMSP.

Each of the three new products is targeted at a different element of Webroot’s channel ecosystem.

“Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection is targeted at the MSP SMB market,” said Charlie Tomeo, Webroot’s VP of Worldwide Business Sales. “Webroot FlowScape Analytics is something that goes into the network layer and is available to the MSSP market, while Webroot BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection is an OEM product that goes into network appliances.”

Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection is a Domain Name System resolution service that provides organizations with protection from malicious websites. It leverages the Webroot BrightCloud Web Classification, Web Reputation, and IP Reputation Services to protect the Domain Name System.

“This is a management portal for MSPs, which gives them, through a single pane of glass that is easy to administer, the ability to protect any device on the network, regardless of whether it belongs to an employee or a guest,” Tomeo said.

Tomeo said that out of the gate, he expects the DNS Protection solution to draw the most interest, in part because it appeals to a large audience, but also because there isn’t much on the market that is priced for the MSP market.

“The feedback we have from partners is that other solutions that do this, whether they are software or hardware-based, just aren’t priced right so they can’t offer it as part of a standard package,” he said. “When they sell it, they do it on a one-off basis where a customer really wants it.”

Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection is in Beta currently, and scheduled for general availability release in April 2017.

Webroot FlowScape Analytics has been integrated with Webroot BrightCloud Threat Intelligence, to significantly accelerate the discovery and investigation of unknown threats. The FlowScape solution analyzes different traffic types and behaviors within the network, as well as inbound and outbound traffic, to provide highly accurate contextual threat intelligence data to quickly identify anomalous network traffic from these unknown threats.

“FlowScape is specifically focused on MSSPs and MSPs, and will enhance their security offerings by giving them a lot more visibility into what goes on in their network.” Tomeo said. “Being able to look at the emerging threats is very valuable, and we expect to see big things from this, especially with all the Advanced Persistent Threats out there.”

The FlowScape solution is available for custom integration and evaluation as part of an early availability program.

Webroot BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection uses advanced machine learning models to make determinations on files at a rate of over 5,700 files per minute – over 500 times faster than network sandboxing. It is designed specifically for perimeter security appliances, making it an ideal OEM product. It is available now for Beta technology partners. with general availability scheduled for mid-2017.