Intermedia adds Private Cloud deployment to white label partner model

Intermedia expects the Private Cloud solution to have particular appeal to partners who will be able to add their own offerings and services.


Tatiana Medvedeva, director of product management at Intermedia

Cloud IT services provider Intermedia has announced the availability of Private Cloud deployments within their white label partner model. It now complements the Public Cloud white label offering that had previously been available.

“Our traditional white label offering has been for multi-tenanted environments,” said Tatiana Medvedeva, director of product management at Intermedia. “We have more than 6000 active partners, and we have quite a few who would be able to take advantage of the opportunity private cloud brings to the table. This is why we are excited about adding it to our offerings.”

The hosted Private Cloud market, according to IDC data, is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 35.4 per cent, from $USD 8.9 billion in 2014, to $40.6 billion in 2019.

“This is a strong opportunity, but with Intermedia the partner can also do this under their own brand, which is not something that’s easily found in the market today,” Medvedeva said. This gives the partner complete control of the customer relationship.

The Private Cloud offering comes with the same options as Intermedia’s Public Cloud one, including the ability to have the deployment hosted on AWS or Intermedia’s own infrastructure. Both options provide a 99.999 percent SLA for less than 26 seconds of downtime per month, expert migration and onboarding at no added cost, 24/7 support, and integration with a full suite of business cloud applications.

A few companies offer this kind of service – not a large number – including both small ones and large ones, and we are definitely on the bigger side of the spectrum,” Medvedeva said. “We haven’t seen anything else though that provides the same degree of white labelling. We also work with the partners behind the scenes as well, to support manage and onboard the customer, and let them focus on scaling their businesses.”

Medvedeva acknowledged that it will be a select type of partner who will be interested in the Private Cloud opportunity.

“It definitely is a higher margin opportunity, based on complexity and opportunities for customization,” she said. “Partners will also be able to bundle their own professional services around this.”

While Intermedia now has both Public Cloud and Private Cloud offerings, they don’t combine these at the moment into a Hybrid Cloud.

“This is not something that we offer today, but we expect that some partners with the necessary capabilities will take advantage of the various deployment models and make what is essentially a hybrid option available to their customers. There is not an official model, however.”

The Intermedia Private Cloud is available now.

“We are reaching out to a group of partners to make sure they know of its availability,” Medvedeva said. “Over time, we will be providing more opportunities here for partners, including assistance in positioning it relative to the Public Cloud offering.”